Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wicked and Gelato at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo

Wicked & Gelato
The Gelato booth and Wicked has a small corner because of last minute change of booth The Wall paper is a new design made for us by the great team of Technographics who handles most of our ads and prints. Very Retro isn't it? Our Crunchy wafer cones made fresh on daily basis for our store Bombs and not the terrorist kind. These are delicious and made with love and peace in mind ;p Ice cake Wicked Bites. We still don't deliver, but it would be available at the store this week I'll announce it as soon as possible Pic taken by the end of the evening, almost sold out ;) A selection of our signature chocolate cupcake, vanilla cupcake and oreo Our signature chocolate & chocolate marshmallow cupcake Yum! Not because I make them, but they are really good and full of flavor. Wicked chocolate chip & walnut cookies Wicked chocolate & walnut brownies
Wicked mocha fudge It was a crazy day, with a lot of things to do and prep to make. We had some minor setbacks but no worries, we made it through. The table tops which we made for exhibitions were misplaced in the store room and couldn't be found along with business cards and some fliers. One of our display cabinets stopped working and had to be replaced with a less impressive freezer. Anyway, having less than a week to prepare for this exhibition I think we fared well.
A young girl, who also has cupcakes, approached our booth looking down at the cupcake boxes, and she asked me if it was homemade. "We have a kitchen." I replied. "Then you are not the real thing." She says. "What do you mean not the real thing? This is all made from scratch and we don't use ready mixes." I looked at her confused. "But still it isn't home made so you're not the real thing." She insists. I still don’t understand what her definition of the real thing was and why does it have to be homemade to be real. So I shrugged, "Whatever you say dear." She leaves and Fahad starts laughing. "Et3eesheen oo teshoofeen." And I'm still chuckling whenever I think about it.


  1. hey!! nice post..better than ours :) It was so nice to meet u fahad!!glad that everything went on well for you!! :) i really loved the frosting on the cupcakes :) and off course the rest u know... it short it was all good :)

  2. Hi! Thanks ;) Fahad really enjoyed your company. And glad you liked our products :) Inshallah Wicked Bites will be available this weekend at our shope in Ahmed AlJaber st. :)