Friday, January 29, 2010

Heureux qui Comme Ulysse

Abdulaziz just told me it was him who was singing at the begining of the song. Now I know why I couldn't stop listening to the song over and over last night. Beautiful tune, and of course I being the proud mama, can stop my heart from fluttering. "Joachim du Bellay was a French poet born in 1522 to read in Anjou, and died on 1 January 1560 in Paris. Regrets is a collection of poems of Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560), written during his trip to Rome from 1553 to 1557 and published on his return in 1558. Before Du Bellay, nobody dared to compare his region's most prestigious cities in this way. Ridan, whose real name Nadir KOUIDRI is a young French singer of Algerian origin.He draws his inspiration from Renaud, Georges Brassens or Leo Ferré, Jacques Brel and Serge Reggiani to sing everyday racism ( "The Daily"), cynicism ( "Party of golf"), or the desire to return home ( "Farmers"). The song Ulysses, whose words repeat the poem Heureux qui comme Ulysse from the Collection The Regrets of Joachim du Bellay, after the release of Georges Brassens, won a great success." This is the Link: Hear Abdulaziz singing in the first part of the song ;)