Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gelato Italiano Ramdan Flavors and Special Offer

Like every year we bring our Ramadan Flavors and Special Offer  for the duration of the holy month.
مبارك عليكم الشهر و عساكم من عواده

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Graish at Dean & Deluca

Last Friday,
Fahad and I decided to have our Graish breakfast
at Dean & Deluca.  
We shared a Zaatar Manousha...very yummy!!
We couldn't finish the whole thing of course.
So what's left of it I took it back for the boys
and they loved it!!!

 And we also shared a veggie omelet.
I loved those sauteed mushrooms!
After breakfast, I did a little shopping for
some ingredients for recipes I'm planning to
try during the holy month :)

Hello! What do we have here?
It looks a very Yummilicious Ice cream.
The flavors comes in Chocolate, Vanilla,
Mango, Strawberry and Coconut.
I wonder what is the brand??? Hmmm.... ;)
Does anyone know?

I picked up this Jar of roasted red peppers.
I just love it with everything!
Salads, Sandwiches, whatever it goes with you name it!  

 I love elderflower drinks. And this flowery citrusy
 cordial is very tasty and refreshing.

And this dried fruits truffles are very delicious.
I picked the strawberry one.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Its Time to Pack a Bag!

“pack a bag” campaign is a campaign with no rules, its not based on an organization nor a group, you don’t have to stick with a certain organization, all you have to do is pack an old bag that you don’t need anymore and pack it with clothes, shoes, accessories, toys and whatever you think is suitable for donating and send it to whoever you think needs it the most. your maid, tea boy, cleaning lady at work, poor people around you like a neighbour maybe, you can send them to africa or refugee camps.

it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, which country your from, there’s no rules or restrictions to this campaign, so whoever you think needs it the most, just donate it.
this campaign starts from kuwait and hopefully will reach the rest of the world, so im calling all bloggers, readers and “charity enthusiasts” to help me spread the word
if you are in kuwait i can provide you with families in need that you can easily reach, just make sure you contact me on my email

ps: please make sure that the clothes and everything else you donate are clean and well folded, preferably not torn.

Chopped for a Cause

Yesterday while doing my hair at Toni & Guy, a brave girl came to chop off her gorgeous waist length hair wanting a new hair style and donating her long tresses for a cause. Honestly it broke my heart, but I applaud her bravery and generosity. Brovo!

Ramdan With Le Notre

Lenôtre will be having Graish this Saturday and Sunday - July 30th-31st for breakfast and lunch. A selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts for the price of KD13 per person.

 Lenôtre will open for Futoor (they used to open for dinner/ghabga/suhoor only) but this year its different. The exquisite iftar menu will be available for the guest at KD13 per person from Iftar to suhoor time with an assortment of salads, soups, platters, desserts, and drinks made specially for this holy month.

 Lenôtre's Ramadan catering lists of menus. We are ready to prepare your Ramadan Iftar/Ghabga/Suhoor buffets anywhere in Kuwait.

Le Boutique is also going to present new items for Lenôtre's guest during Ramadan. Ice cream in Rose and/or Rahash flavors, Cheese Kunafa, Chocolate Rice Pudding, Layali Ramadan, and Marble Cheesecake Cream of Sesame

For reservation and inquiries, call Lenôtre at 1805050 Ext. 25

Seeing these yummylicious pics, It will be a must try for
our Iftar out of the house day! ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Vimto or Not To Vimto

I love Vimto and I do buy it for the kids during Ramadan,
but I can't drink it all the time because it bloats me!
This is my alternative. I love drinking the
lemon crystal light during the day,
 it is so refershing mixed in an icy cold water.
I love Raspberry with dinner. These mixes
will be my Vimto alternative during Ramadan.
Unfortunately when I went again to
 buy some more it was sold out.
I went three of the Sultans around my area and I couldn't find it :s
I hope they will bring more very soon. 

Iffy Moments

Ahmed in one of his Iffy moods like his mama ;p

I have been in an "Iffy!" mood lately. A reason why I haven't been posting much lately.

I'm there standing with you conversing and smiling, but don't you dare poke at me, or step on my bad side! Crazy Gemini will come out.

Like... few days ago at Marks & Spencers I was in one of my bad moods and was there just to calm down and brows through their stuff. I was standing at the swim suit section admiring a pair of tankinis, when this creepy woman stands beside me and started out of nowhere giving me a religious moral lecture! I was staring at her wondering whether to bash her on the head or yell or what exactly?! I look at her trolley filled with skanky lingerie. For a moral religious hypocrite she had taste! When she was done with her lecture, and I still didn't utter one single word, she was expecting me to fall on my knees repentant and crying and admitting my sin or my loose morals.

"Entay shako yal hypocrite! 9afi neyitich w 3a6ii mo7atharat 7ag nafsich yal skank!"

I'm not sure if she understood the word hypocrite and skank, and I was in a very bad mood. I called for the sales lady and told her this woman was annoying me! Iff! Iff! Iff!

Another iffy moment which makes me want to yell, is when people talk about the amount of money they spent on stuff! I find it very vulgar. My motto is "Quality over Quantity", or if the "WOW" factor hits me, it doesn't matter if it was cheap or expensive, I just get it. But talking about money and how much you spent on one cheap piece is very vulgar and very annoying! Iff! Iff! Iff!

I was going for a hair treat at a salon, and this hairdresser suggested I use a new treatment they just got. I explained I had a sensitive scalp and I prefer the one I always used. But she insists that I should try something different and the new treatment (yes more expensive) is so luxurious. Ok…I will try it just to get you off my back and let me relax!

But then after the treatment was applied, she started yapping about the products the salon sells! Give me a break! Again I informed her that I'm comfortable with what I'm already using.

"But you wouldn't know which is better if you don't use something different, and this product is very professional." She insists!

Same old broken record I've heard everywhere!

"Thank you but I'm not interested!" I snap. Really! whatever "Me Time" I was hoping for has evaporated! But do you think she got the message?

While I was paying and already feeling stressed out, she comes again carrying several products to show me.

I paid and left without listening to her! I love the hair treatment at that Salon, but I'm dreading my next visit. Oh! And that new hair treatment was awful not like the one I always use!

More iffy moments….

Walked out of a meeting last week. The guy I was meeting with wanted to teach me how to do my job! I know the poor guy was working his insecurities on me! And he wanted to know what kind of products I'm using!!! Excuse me! I didn’t get into your kitchen and asked the recipe of your signature dish! And why so sarcastic and condescending?

Taxis should be limited in this country!!!! They are out of control! First they are a big addition to traffic jams on the road and second, they drive as if they are Kings of the Roads!

Oh there is a lot more but this looks like a long post… enough for today! Glad ini nafaht 3an 3omery now I'm ready for Ramadan! Who is ready and excited?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Effect

I'm collecting a number of pictures for the boys to fill an empty space on a wall in the living room. Since I'm slowly turning my daily living room into a modernish retro design... I wanted to turn the snap shots into vintage style. So far I picked these three and I was playing around with effects from  Befunky site. I still have a lot more of pictures which I chose to work on. Will inshallah post about it when I get everything done :)

The boys in this vintage style look so much
like their Grand father. We have similar pictures like these
of their grandfather when he was a young teenager.

is a copy paste of his Grandfather here ;p
What do you think of the pictures?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My family has just moved into their new house, and the kitchens are still not installed. So I sent them lunch today. I let John, our cook, handle the heavy stuff, marag deyay (chicken stew) w mash5ool (not pictured). I did the Salad, lasagna and chocolate pudding.

 Falafel Salad.
Basically it is a falafel sandwich without the bread ;p
The dressing is a mix of yogurt, tahina and other stuff...
will post the recipe later on.

My famouse Lasagna!  
Although I was missing a couple of ingredients
 but it turned out well :) according to my sister
It was gone within minutes! :)

And the piece de resistance!
My chocolate bread pudding!
Will post the recipe later ;)

Captain America Trailer

Its coming out on July 22.
Just wondering are we going to see it this weekend
at the Cinema or do I have to wait after Ramadan?
and Kumar would already have obtained
a bootlegged copy by then :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

هل هلاله

This sounds interesting

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneak Peek Gergai3an Photo Shoot

Every other year, I do a Gergai3an for the boys. This year I was trying to convince myself not to do it until I found these cute boxes at a very reasonable price and I couldn't help myself but buy some for Gergai3an.

Now! What to do as a greeting card? I had few ideas on my mind until I read on ilSul6ana , hereabout Memoire Studio. I saw the Kuwaiti theme pictures taken  by photographer Hamad AlShaijy, and I really loved them. So I called right away and booked an appointment for the 17th.

 I apologise for the picture...don't know what's going on with my cam. It has been giving clear pictures lately.

So the appointed day arrived, and got the boys prepared and went. I was terrified they would be in one of their cranky or naughty moods. We were greeted by Hamad AlShaijy  and his staff with a big welcoming smile.  The boys were instantly put at ease and started looking around them discovering the set where they will pose for the camera.

The photo shoot went on very well. Abdulaziz and Ahmed loved posing for the Camera. There were times when I couldn't stop laughing at their antics. I wished I brought my video Camera and caught the comedy which went on the set. Hamad was super professional, patient and kind when the boys acted out a little.

I highly recommend Memoire Studio if you want to take snaps of your kids or of yourself. I loved the work I saw on the website. Who knows maybe someday I'll take my family portrait there :)

I can't wait to share with you the final shots…. During Gergai3an inshallah :)

Chai Al3a9er

It was something I've been craving for a while now :)
 So I ordered it for Chai Al3a9er ;p

My favorite Bain Narain with 3akawi cheese :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Um Abdulatif M7tara!


My Conclusion to this very interesting phone call is... Um Abdulatif is pissed off with her daughter in law!
It seems her daughter in law is a dalu3a and after the honeymoon is giving hell to Abdulatif :)  Poor Abdulatif!
and his mama is venting on the phone about now days
young women who choose to become individual
 beings instead of a shadow behind their husbands :)
Ya Um Abdulatif, I don't like to sound obnoxious, but my grandmothers (on both sides)  and their mothers before them and their sisters and cousins who are older than you are had servants to serve them and take care of their children! 
Yes, they did minimal work,
 like over looking and superviseing their house hold work
and looking pretty for their husbands :)
But not milking the cows and goats or whatever.
Sij mo 3aib almara tegoom fee bait'ha w 3yalha w rayel'ha.
 But there are standards to abide to.
Al mara alkhaleejiya 6al3a min bait ahl'ha em3azeza
w emkarema... mo ta5thoonha and expect her to be
5adma 3endkom bil bait!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Sharlock Holmes 2 : A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law!
This will be hilarious!
I just can't wait!!!! Love them!

Ma Vie Ma Joie...My Boys!

 Since the school was out, I've been spending more time at home with the boys. Al7amedellah my work is flexible and I can easily do it at home as well as I can do it at the office.
Anyway, the best part of my day is spending it with the boys. Abdulaziz has been doing a lot of reading, as well planning a blog, a small business, and learning about nutrition.
Not to forget we're doing lots of revision.
The question is, why don't we have home schooling system in this country! I can see my kids are improving better when I work with them, ten times better in fact
than when they are in school!!!!
Here is Abdulaziz, working on his business plan at TSC, getting the prices he needs for his project :)  

Like father like son!!!  
Honestly I consider this calculator...

And Ahmed is getting in touch with his artistic side by making a Mosaic. It is a fun way in remembering colors and shapes, even counting how many squares and triangles needed. I thought he'd get bored quickly, luckily he finished the image he was working on and showed it to every member of my family and asked them to clap for him ;p

Ma agdar 3ala al concentrations!

No Parking Please

This is a pissed off post.

Where I live, we have a Salon in our building, managed by the lowliest form of beings from the Arab society (7thalat almujtama3 al3arabi!) I have never seen so much insolence and vulgarity in the persons who manage this place. I do not say this lightly! and I usually keep my judgment of people to myself, but these people really push you to be at your worst even when you try your best to ignore them. At first I used to ignore them, and they thought they can walk all over me. Being polite isn't an option in dealing with them.

Did I clash with them?? Yes!!! Oh many times, and when I'm angry…oh baby! You just don't want to be on my bad side!
Anyway! After many conflicts and wars between the neighbors and the Salon, they finally put a large sign, asking their clients not to park in the spaces reserved for the residents of the building.

But hey! Do you think clients heeded the signs???? NOPE!

 This is my favorite. I'm going to add Laziness to the phrase.
What do you think?

Once I came back home very exhausted, and found a car parked in my space. I send the building's watchman to the Salon and inform whoever parked in my space she better remove her car or call for a taxi to get back home!
They ignored me. So I blocked the car from getting out of the parking space with my car, she had no way of getting out. I went up to my place, showered had my lunch and was lounging with a good book when I heard LOUD BANGING! on my door… foug shainha gewat 3ainha!!!! She didn't ring the bell! She was banging on the door!
Big Momma is beyond pissed!!! And the berserkers blood which runs in my veins is boiling! I see RED!
So I opened the door with the scariest expression on my face!
"Na3am!!!" I snapped.
The girl literally jumped from where she was standing. I wasn't sure what or who she was expecting to answer her, and she thought by banging the door she would intimidate me??? ME?!!
"You are blocking my car."
"And you are parked in my space!" I wasn't yelling but my tone of voice was very scathing.
I could see her blanching.
"I didn't know we were not suppose to park there." She was shrinking in her place.
"There was a big sign in front of the parking space which say NO PARKING! Laish? '3abia? 7mara? Wela 3amya???"
"I'm sorry I didn't know."
"Wela ahalich ma raboch 3ala alsana3!"
She started crying! I made her cry!!! Did I feel sorry for her? NOT AT ALL!
"Sem3een Zain! In shfetich mara thanya ehni ma teloomeen ela nafsich."

 Some signs to inspire me.

 I think I'm going to have no parking sign
all over the building
 in every color and language :)

I don't know if she ever returned again to this particular Salon. As if I care. But it happened on several occasions with people (and women in particular) park in our spaces and we send the watchman to inform them to remove their cars but even...7thalat mujtama3 al3arabi…who manage the Salon do not inform them, unless I go there and start yelling at them, and these circumstances doesn't only happen with me. It happens with all the residents. It has become a very normal thing to hear yelling in the building at least twice a week. I just love it when I hear our neighbor on the 4th floor fight with them. He is the rudest w yebared algalb!

We did put chains and cones to block people from parking. It happened twice after I move my car and put the chain or cone, they remove it and park in my space. Once it happened right in front of me. I was waiting for a car in the middle of the road to move, instead the passenger gets out of the car and goes to the cone and removes it so their car can park in my space!!! EXCUSE ME! Al waqa7 fee ba3th alnas mo 6abee3ya!!!
So I've decided to make a bigger sign, maybe in neon and I'm going to say on the sign, "I'M NOT GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR CAR IF YOU PARK IN MY SPACE, YAL'3ABIA YALI MA TEFHEMEEN SHINO MA3NAT NO PARKING!"

When I go to the Salon, I make sure I don't park in other peoples parking space, and I'd rather park my car at the end of the street and walk than annoy anyone.

Wallah I'm a very nice person and polite too, but don't get on my bad side and park your car in my space… unless you are one of my friends ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Pasta

Don't ask me what I've put in this pasta. I did a homemade white sauce. Some ingredients weren't available so I improvised putting this and that. I used a store bought roasted chicken, spinach, pine nuts and corn. I layered it with Fusilli, chicken mix, grated fresh parmesan and then the white sauce and more parmesan. It was very delicious!

  I love the baked top of the pasta...with burned cheese

  So yummy! full of flavor and not too saucy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craving Some Shakes!

I had the shake a couple of months ago during a trip to Dubai...

Not only I'm having a crazy craving for
 Shake Shack burgers!
 I'm also craving their Chocolate Shake!
Since the opening is tonight and no way I'm
getting near it anytime soon...until
the craze calms down... I will eventually pass by.
For the time being I sent for some Chocolate Gelato
to make me some yummy chocolate shakes!

A Day With Klue!

Facebook Page click here

If you happen to be at the Avenues yesterday between 12am until 3pm and noticed two mad women and a group of young boys dashing back and forth between phase 1 & 2, it was my sister and I with our two teams running around trying to finish the race of Klue!

Abdulaziz wanted to invite a group of his friends and wanted an adventure instead of the usual movie or arcade kind of outing.
So I contacted Dhari owner of KLUE and explained to him what I wanted for the boys. For one, I wanted a contained place. I didn't want to lose anyone while we're running around, although I lost Ahmed and his nanny along the way ;p
Two, boys will be boys, and they'll get so excited and do dump things and might hurt themselves.
He advised me to have it at the Avenues, big enough to give them the needed exercise, fun and sense of adventure, and at the same time it was a controlled environment. If, God forbids, I lost one of the boys, I had the wonderful security team at the Avenues to help me! Thank God I didn't lose anyone!
The rules of the game is to solve the Klues given and head to the next stage until we collect enough Klues to find the last stop!

Mohammed explaining the game and it's rules to the boys 

On the appointed day, we met at the food court. The boys were lectured on the rules of the game. We were allowed to call for hints if we didn't understand the game. They said we were allowed to have two calls… I lost count of the number of times I called ;p
We divided the groups in two and we started. My sister's team were ahead of us, Abdulaziz and his friend Abdullah panicked. I told them not to worry. It was better to start slow than to tire ourselves by the time we reach the end. Soon we found ourselves ahead of the second team. When I called my sister to check on them. "Et3abaW!" she exclaimed.

"Good news!"I tell my team, "The other team are getting tired!"
That got them all excited.
Of course there were a lot of backstabbing during the game and cheating. Eventually, when we reached the last stage, we began to panic! We didn't know where the other team was. My sister calls and asks me if we reached the last stage yet and where we were. I couldn't help her, I was afraid if I gave her a hint they'll be ahead of us.

Half way through the game, I remembered Ahmed!!!
Here he is calling me while on the escalator! 
 He had his fun at Magic Planet ;p  

Everyone is a winner! There are no losers at the end of the game! 

After several minutes running around and making sure the other team were nowhere near us we found our last stage!!!! And my Team WON!!!!
It was fun, a different way to break from your daily routine. Klue could customize your game to any place in the Kuwait, whether for adults or kids. I highly recommend it!!!

Last but not least! Lunch at Elevation Burger!
(This needs a whole different post for it!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gluten Free Products

Gluten Free Yummy Products found at
TSC Shaab