Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneak Peek Gergai3an Photo Shoot

Every other year, I do a Gergai3an for the boys. This year I was trying to convince myself not to do it until I found these cute boxes at a very reasonable price and I couldn't help myself but buy some for Gergai3an.

Now! What to do as a greeting card? I had few ideas on my mind until I read on ilSul6ana , hereabout Memoire Studio. I saw the Kuwaiti theme pictures taken  by photographer Hamad AlShaijy, and I really loved them. So I called right away and booked an appointment for the 17th.

 I apologise for the picture...don't know what's going on with my cam. It has been giving clear pictures lately.

So the appointed day arrived, and got the boys prepared and went. I was terrified they would be in one of their cranky or naughty moods. We were greeted by Hamad AlShaijy  and his staff with a big welcoming smile.  The boys were instantly put at ease and started looking around them discovering the set where they will pose for the camera.

The photo shoot went on very well. Abdulaziz and Ahmed loved posing for the Camera. There were times when I couldn't stop laughing at their antics. I wished I brought my video Camera and caught the comedy which went on the set. Hamad was super professional, patient and kind when the boys acted out a little.

I highly recommend Memoire Studio if you want to take snaps of your kids or of yourself. I loved the work I saw on the website. Who knows maybe someday I'll take my family portrait there :)

I can't wait to share with you the final shots…. During Gergai3an inshallah :)


  1. Warabi salem... hal tantoofa yshaweg ism Allah 3leeh il ra7man el ra7eem :)
    o 3zooz kabran masha2 Allah... Allah ykhaleehom lich insha2 Allah o tefr7een fehom ma3arees!

  2. Thank you Danderma! Ameen inshallah ;***

  3. i have a feeling the pictures will look great! cant wait to see them :D

  4. Inshallah they will! I have great faith in Hamad's work ;) But will post the pics during Gurgai3an inshallah :)