Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My family has just moved into their new house, and the kitchens are still not installed. So I sent them lunch today. I let John, our cook, handle the heavy stuff, marag deyay (chicken stew) w mash5ool (not pictured). I did the Salad, lasagna and chocolate pudding.

 Falafel Salad.
Basically it is a falafel sandwich without the bread ;p
The dressing is a mix of yogurt, tahina and other stuff...
will post the recipe later on.

My famouse Lasagna!  
Although I was missing a couple of ingredients
 but it turned out well :) according to my sister
It was gone within minutes! :)

And the piece de resistance!
My chocolate bread pudding!
Will post the recipe later ;)


  1. Allah ye3afeek! ;p

  2. Yum can't wait for the recipes tslam edch :)

  3. Allah yesalmich! Inshallah will post the recipe soon :)