Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grand Parents!

As a mom, I lose my mind when the grandparents on both sides spoil my boys rotten. I'm a very strict parent. I have schedules, long lists of time tables and meal plans... and then everything goes kaput! when they go to the grandparents. Abdulaziz & Ahmed have unlimited access to KDD Chocolate milk (the large one), soft drinks, junk food and sweets...plus! unlimited time at the computer and PS3. I don't think you can imagine the state they are in when they get back home on Saturday.
Grand Parents! May Allah bless them and protect them for us!

Here is Bill Cosby's hilarious opinion on grand parents!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Movies


I spent last weekend watching movies.
First we took the boys to  "The Avengers" although the boys really and truly behaved themselves at the theater…behind us was sitting a kid with his parents expressing his excitement by yelling his head off and right into my ear.
Honestly…I have never in my life desired to commit murder as much as that day. He was so noisy, the people sitting next to them left after the first quarter of the movie. And his parents never said anything to him.
Anyway..back to the movie… I really want to go watch it again uninterrupted, even poor Ahmed is nagging me to when he could go watch it again.
From what I saw, it was an amazing movie, filled with action, wit and comedy. But the plus side of it… Ladies… lots of eye candy!!! *sigh*
All actors who are playing the parts of Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Hulk & Hawkeye are really really cute... but I was more attracted by the tortured soul of Loki!!! The madness in his eyes and that visciousness about him… Yep I have a soft spot for bad guys!

 The Avengers

Tom Heddleston who plays Loki on the far left...
Chris Hemsworth and Kenneth Branagh.
Here at the premire of Thor.

Second movie I watched later in the evening after tucking the boys in their beds, "This Means War"… I've mentioned on previous posts how much I adore Chris Pine. Well he stars in this movie with Tom Hardy.  This is a major eye candy movie! Reese Witherspoon was her cute self in the movie and she had the support of Chelsea Handler, but I think Chris Pine and Tom Hardy stole the whole movie from her.
It is funny and very cute movie with lots of "Gaga" moments for me. Don’t know which one I liked better, Tom Hardy or Chris Pine.

Reese & Tom Hardy

Chris Pine

Summer is Here With Gelato Italiano

Few weeks back our business suppose to participate in Alwan Exhibition at Dar AlFunoon. At the end, on the same day of the exhibtion we pulled out, because the old shrew 'qaleelat aladab!' who owns Dar AlFunoon, decided at the last minute that she doesn't want ice cream in her exhibtion house.  

Anywho… for the exhibtion we had some Yummy flavors which we prepared and small gifts prepared for visitors and my bloggerette friends who I was expecting to stop by.  

Since, we didn't get to distribute them, so we sent out the gifts out to family, friends and my sister bloggerettes.

These are some of the posts from the bloggers... enjoy them and hope you pay us a visit soon.

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Thank you and I hope you enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Making a Difference

I always take my shopping bags with me
when I go grocery shopping.
I have drastically minimized the use of plastic in my home.
Making little changes makes a lot of difference.

It brings joy to my heart when I see other shoppers
bring their own bags with them.

So you too start making some changes, even if they are