Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grand Parents!

As a mom, I lose my mind when the grandparents on both sides spoil my boys rotten. I'm a very strict parent. I have schedules, long lists of time tables and meal plans... and then everything goes kaput! when they go to the grandparents. Abdulaziz & Ahmed have unlimited access to KDD Chocolate milk (the large one), soft drinks, junk food and sweets...plus! unlimited time at the computer and PS3. I don't think you can imagine the state they are in when they get back home on Saturday.
Grand Parents! May Allah bless them and protect them for us!

Here is Bill Cosby's hilarious opinion on grand parents!


  1. Thanks for the video, it was hilarious.

  2. Your most welcome. Bill Cosby is one of my favorite Standup comedians :)