Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 1: Self Portrait

Kash5at al3eed! (Dressed for Eid)

Ok...the funny thing..when I see posts "Photo Challenge"
I was wondering what they were about :p
(Great Pics BTW everybody!)
Please...let it pass I was minsa6la most of the time during
August, until I got it...I thought it was a great idea!!
So I decided to start now ;p
As you can see...  Day 1: Self Portrait...I picked
Abdulaziz and Ahmed..I see myself in each one of them ;p

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

 تقبل الله طاعتكم
و عيدكم مبارك
و عساكم من عواده

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

This year has been the busiest year during Ramadan, al7amdullah, my staff worked around the clock, to get orders ready to be picked up on time. There were days Fahad and I didn't get back home until the Maghreb prayers. Alf 7amdullah! Our efforts, in our small family business didn't go in vain, all our clients were very happy. Next year for your Gergai3an you might think about ordering a freezer for your party ;)

As you've noticed I haven't been posting very much. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my goal was not to gain weight this year, and not to end Ramadan feeling bloated and uncomfortable like every year. No I didn't starve myself. I did eat, but I didn't cook much either. Cooking means I have to eat what I prepared, because I feel sorry for the food when it is untouched so I end up eating more. And we already get a lot of food sent from the big house, so what's the point in cooking, unless I was really craving a certain dish.

With all the draught and hunger epidemic going on in Sumalia, it was another incentive not to buy food which will go to waste.

I bought lots of fruits and veggies though. We had lots of salads and fruits when we feel hungry few hours after Iftar. Whatever desserts I did prepare, I keep a small portion and send the rest out to family and friends.

I followed part of The Diet Ninja's meal plans which he suggested on his blog Here and Here and Here!. I printed them and stuck them on the fridge. Thus so far, I've lost 3kg, which I'm happy about. Fahad thinks it's only water ;p Water or not, as long as I didn't gain weight or ended up bloated ;)

Ghabga! No…I only went to few of them. Actually this year I didn't socialize that much or went out, unless it was to a family gathering. The idea of having a Ghabga/Gergai3an party next year is growing in my head. Etha allah a7yana inshallah ;)

Ramadan Drama series… I really tried to follow something this year. 1- I didn't have the time. 2- I lost interest for some after the second episode and some after a week.
Fahad was following BuKareem…augh! Such a pathetic show, storyline taken from several movies and popular TV shows. Actually, at first, Fahad was watching it just to guess each storyline came from which movie or show, and because of actor Sa3ad AlFaraj, which he adores. Anywho…the series airs during a time when I'm in a listless mood, and don’t want to move from where I'm sitting, so I end up watching it even when it gets on my nerves because with all is going on…it really challenges my logical mind. I don't know, maybe it is the exaggerated poverty or excessive waterworks or the story which drags on and on. Now the show is supposed to have reached its climax, yet it doesn't make any sense to me. It is like the movie…"A series of Unfortunate Events" however the unfortunate events in that movie did make sense at the end. I just hope there isn't a part two to BuKareem.

Eid! So are you prepared for Eid? The boys are, they just need a hair cut which they will have probably tomorrow. Just imagine a Mohawk under their Qutra and 3gal ;p

As for I…I still didn't get anything. I haven't been anywhere near the major shopping stores and malls ;p The weather is too hot, and I just don't want to be suffocated in a stylish outfit! Much good did it do last year. I was all dressy in morning and after the third or fourth house we visited I had to get back home and change into a cotton dress before the family lunch. I feel this year is going to be hotter than the last :s

Yen3ad 3alaina w 3alaikom inshallah & Eidkom Mubarak to all :***

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Books Review

 Are you having nightmares about school starting? I know I am! I've been having nightmares from the beginning of this week, and I am not as excited about it as I used to be every year. Usually this time of year, my kids school things, uniforms, bags and books, are ready in their cupboards. This year...well as I said, I'm not excited about it at all and I haven't prepared anything yet.
Anyway! If you have rowdy kids... like mine... this book is a very good one! I know it is a book for kids who are struggling with ADHD or ADD...Abdulaziz was diagnosed with borderline ADHD. Although I, as a parent provided for him all the support he needs at home, (Now you understand why I always ask why don't we have home schooling?) with the school is another story! actually with the whole school system in this country! whether private or goverment schools. They don't have the facilities to support children who are struggling with learning disabbilities or ADHD & ADD.
I highly recommend this book to parents with kids who are facing problems in behavior, struggling with school and concentration and disorganization. I found the book at Jarir bookshop before Ramadan.

Oh!!! Now this is one of my favorite cook books I've read in a long time. First it is all about Chocolate! Second with every recipe there is a story behind it ;) The recipes are very easy to follow, not the complicated kind with too many ingredients. I love this book! I found it at Virgins.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Very Tragic!

This is tragic! appalling and heart breaking!
Just imagine it is your kid sitting under that tree :(
What do to???

 I recieved these pictures from Ansam518 Read about it here,
and something should be done about it.

He is sitting under the blazing heat selling water melons.
Where are his parents? Where are the authorities?!!
Children are being taken advantage of and abused on
daily basis in this country and nothing is being done about it!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

اللهم احفظ الكويت

اللهم احفظنا من كل مكروه

اللهم من أراد سوء بنا فرد كيده بنحره

اللهم أن نجعلك في نحورهم ونعوذ بك من شرورهم

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Review - Captain America

  Few days ago I watched Captain America starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell and Tommy Lee Jones. It is your typical fun super hero movie, good versus evil,
and it made me wonder....
why is it banned??? I still don't get it!

Honestly it is so puzzling... because I don't see anything wrong with the movie...any comic fan would know the story of Captain America and how he got his powers...
 so I came to this assumption...
Is it because Captain America was a skinny sick man before he was
injected with a serum which changed him into....Yeah...
Look at the picture below :p

As far as I know the only super hero who
 was born with super powers is Super Man. 
Spider Man was bitten with by a spider and the
 next morning he was crawling up walls. 
Wolverine is immortal. He never dies!  
Women and men go to plastic surgeons to get the fat
in their bodies sucked out and their faces lifted and their
whole appearance changed...
So what is so special about Captain America  to get him banned??

 Or is it Red Skull???
He is one of my favorite characters in the
movie... he makes me laugh ;p

Update: I just read on KNCC that Captain America
will one of the Eid movies...
Nevertheless...I've already watched it...
uncut :)

The Woman in Black Official Trailer

Daniel Radcliffs new role after our beloved Harry Potter.
Tell you the truth I don't like horror movies...
but this looks good and I will be brave and go watch it!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Gergai3an Gergai3an!

Few weeks ago I posted a sneak preview of the boys
Photoshoot for Gergai3an with the talented Hamad AlShayji 

These are the pictures I used for the cards.
The pictures were taken by Hamad AlShayji, Memoire Studio,
but the vintage effects were made by me, using

The picture in black and white with the back
ground color was done by Hamad AlShayji.
I just added a little bit of shadowing to it.

I sent the pics to Armando at Technographics,
who I've been dealing with for the past 12 years.
He is in charge of designing most of Gelato Italiano's
adds and posters, and he has been designing the Gergai3an cards
since Abdulaziz was a baby :)
I just explained to him what I had in mind, a folded card with their pictures on each fold and phrases from gergai3an chant,
and he took charge of the rest :)

Now the Story of the Gergai3an:
Every other year I make a Gergai3an for my kids and send it to my immediate family and close friends, in celebration of this festive occasion. I just enjoy it and always remind them… "eee mo bacher tegoloon omi ma sawat lina gergai3an yom ina 9'3ar! Ya wailkom!" Lol!!!

I tend to get drawn to traditional themes, which reflects our culture and heritage. Every Gergai3an I did in the past was either a "Sandoog Embaiat" or a "Bugsha" and once I did a colorful "Mini Zebeel". Two years ago, was hand painted boxes with scenary from old Kuwait by artist Thuraya AlBaqsami.
 Few months back I found these cute boxes which I fell in love with immediately and bought a number of them. They were made of latice wood in traditional designs such as AlDerwaza,
a Palm tree, a Bedouin Lady pouring coffe and a Mubkhar. 
I still didn't have an idea what to do with them.
All I knew I wanted something different this time.
 One evening I was talking with my sister and told her about my intentions, and suddenly the idea of filling the boxes with Gharaiba popped in my head. It is different, traditional, and unique and as far as I know no one has done it before. I pitched the idea to her and she was very excited and told me to go ahead with it.

For the Gharaiba it was simple, I knew who to go to for it. I called my friend Um Saleh, owner of Home Made Chocolates, which I posted about previously, and explained what I had in mind.
I sent her the boxes and she took care of the rest.
 The only thing I did was choosing the wrapping paper.

Here are the Gergai3an boxes they just arrived with
their multi colored wrappings
What do you think?
Cute boxes...right?

The cards attached to the Gergai3an
and ready to be distributed :)

And this is the amazing Home Made Chocolates
Gharaiba :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Entertaining With Gelato Italiano

Entertain your family & friends with Gelato Italiano.
With the many gatherings and social obligations you
want to present something different to impress your guests.

You can always fill small cups with your favorite flavors...
Or buy in bulk and fill it up with your special cups
at home and freeze them before your guests arrive.
It is what I always do :)

 Since we opened in 2001 we make sure in producing quality product. We concentrate on producing true
flavors for every kind of gelato.
If you have an event you can always order a freezer
with your favorite flavors :)

 You don't want the hassle of filling up cups? can always fill the cups we have at the store with your favorite flavors :)
for your Iftar or Ghabga :) or just simply to indulge yourself.

 Awaken your inner child :) with Gelato Sticks!
We have a number of flavors available at the store :)
Treat yourself and your kids with it.
My favorite is the chocolate & strawberry Gelato stick :)

 Many festive colors :)

 You can always bring your platter and ask the barista to fill it up for you with scoops of your favorite flavors, like this one which was filled with Ramadan flavors for a friend of mine :)
It looked adorable.

Or you can place an order for Gelato Bonbons...
Bite size gelato covered with your choice of chocolate covering.
I advice you place your order few days in advance
to garantee it to be ready on time. Minimum 30 piece :)

If you have anything in mind. Our employees can always
help you, or you can leave your number at the store
and the staff will forward it to us, and Fahad or I will
contact you and see how we can help :)

T-Shirts ذ

The humble Tshirt Designed photographer "Faith"
Pictures styled by LadyB.
Photography by: Abdulrahman Al-Yousef & LadyB

They are available now at Fortune Cookie Boutiue , Olympia Mall and Online soon :) here are the pics of the whole collection:

These look pretty cool :)
Will check them out inshallah :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Um3azoz's Kitchenette: Pistachio Meringue with Pomegranate Syrup

Meringues are such elegant desserts. You can make them and
shape them anyway you like. For Ramadan I infused some
Arabic flavors in this Meringue, Pistachios and Orange Blossome water, with a sweet and sour Pomegranate syrup.
Very Yummy!

This recipe is from Martha Stwart which I've been using it forever.
It is crusty from the outside and mellow from the inside.

2 large egg whites
3/4 cup of sugar, (I use a little less of sugar)
Pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla essence
(in this recipe I used 1 Tbs Orange Blossom water,
and 3 Tbs ground Pistachios)

-Preheat oven to 100c. Line a baking with paper
- In a heat proof bowl, set over pan of simmering water and whisk
the egg whites with sugar and pinch salt, with an electric mixer.
Mix constantly until sugar has dissolved and the egg whites are
warm to the touch, about 3 minutes.
Remove from the simmering water and continue
to whisk on high speed until it forms stiff peaks.
- Add flavoring and mix then the pistachios
and mix with a table spoon.
-Spoon the mixture with a spoon. you want to make them bite size or a large size. With the back of the spoon make a small well.
- Bake in the oven until it is dry on the outside but still soft in the inside. Cool on a wire rack to cool.

Pomegranate Syrup
4 Tbs  water
3 Tbs Sugar
1/2 cup Pomegranate pulp
a squeeze of lemon (optional)

-Stir water with sugar in a sauce pan over medium
heat until sugar dissolves.
-Bring to boil for 4 minutes
-Add half the pulp and simmer for 3 minutes, then add the half with a tiny squeeze of lemon. Put aside to cool.

Serve the meringue topped with the Pomegranate and whipped cream on the side :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank You Danderma!

Few days ago I arrived home finding an elegant Bugsha waiting for me. It was surprise! A very exciting surprise! From lovely Danderma! Like a little kid I unwrapped it and it was filled with lots of goodies which I attacked right away ;p

Thank you Danderma for this lovely and thoughtful gift :*

Ghabga At Le Notre

I received an invitation from Le Notre for a bloggerette Ghabga. I was so excited to meet the bloggerettes who are behind  their faboulous blogs. The Ghabga was hosted by Ansam :)

The ladies all looked chic and amazing
in their Dera3a's and trendy suits.
Since I was a bit emtan7a, it took me a moment
to connect the dots to who is who ;p

Now, let's talk about Le Notre. We all know if we have an event where we go to for an exceptional catering of food and service.
I don't know about you, but I, if I had special guests I wanted to impress in the country I take them to Le Notre for Lunch or Dinner.
So I don't need to say more about what I was expecting
from Le Notre when I arrived there because
they always exceed my expectations.
After greeting my fellow bloggerette and sat,
then I began to take in the whole table setting.
It was KOKO! I loved it! Loved the flowers the little
colorful tin pots filled with dates, pickles and chili, the candles.
Everything was so elegant and romantic!

As you can see, the table setting looks amazing.
I loved it and there were many snaps of the this table setting. 

 I loved the purple and gold set.
Look at my purple cups!

Here is my plate! I wonder from where they got them?  
I want a table set like this one in gold and red ;p

 By now, a lot of you have seen similar snaps of
this salad bar arrangement. But look at the colors.
I'm so crazy about those cool festive colors.
I love it! The Salads was super delicious.

 So, what's on the menu?

Selection from the Salad bar.

Kebbeh Jerrish
Sambousek Potato (I loved it)

Raviolli Mushrooms with Cream sauce (I loved)
Shish Barrak (was good too)
Mougrabieh Chicken & Lamb
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Good)
Ouzi with Vegetables Rice (Good)

Om Ali
Layali Ramadan with Apricot Sauce (Loved)
Testo Negro
Rose Ice Cream (I loved)
Cheese Kunafa with Honey Sauce (Loved)

Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks

 Yummy Sambousek

 Ok. I want to know where these spoons are from,
and if it is possible to have them in red or blue.

 Mashallah the food was plenty. I didn't get to try everything,
I was feeling a bit full, but inshallah will make a second visit :)

 Shish Barak

 I love the plates the food was served in.
I have a mind to go to soog al 9fafeer and make me a set ;p

 There was a draw to a dinner for 2
and the winner was Me Blogging!


 Testo Negro! I've tried it before at parties and weddings.

 Rose Ice Cream and Rahash Ice Cream.
I like the Rose better. It was so cool and light. 

 Layali Ramadan with Apricot Sauce

 Chawaiha best after a dinner...
w 9a79a7ni shawaya 3ashan astaw3eb alwagt w alzaman ;p


Desserts to go from La Boutique

Lenotre will donate 10% of the proceeds to support Bait Abdullah during this holy month... Guests can enjoy the Iftar buffet and platters at Lenotre Seaside and for a good cause.

Eating For a good Cause :)
Thank you Le Notre & MMC Catering for giving me the opportunity to try their Ramadan Menu. Thank you Ansam, our wonderful Host! And Ladies, I had a great time.
It was lovely to meet all of you!