Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Review - Captain America

  Few days ago I watched Captain America starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell and Tommy Lee Jones. It is your typical fun super hero movie, good versus evil,
and it made me wonder....
why is it banned??? I still don't get it!

Honestly it is so puzzling... because I don't see anything wrong with the movie...any comic fan would know the story of Captain America and how he got his powers...
 so I came to this assumption...
Is it because Captain America was a skinny sick man before he was
injected with a serum which changed him into....Yeah...
Look at the picture below :p

As far as I know the only super hero who
 was born with super powers is Super Man. 
Spider Man was bitten with by a spider and the
 next morning he was crawling up walls. 
Wolverine is immortal. He never dies!  
Women and men go to plastic surgeons to get the fat
in their bodies sucked out and their faces lifted and their
whole appearance changed...
So what is so special about Captain America  to get him banned??

 Or is it Red Skull???
He is one of my favorite characters in the
movie... he makes me laugh ;p

Update: I just read on KNCC that Captain America
will one of the Eid movies...
Nevertheless...I've already watched it...
uncut :)


  1. They are just jealous of his body, or someone was bored and wanted to hit the "BAN" button :P

  2. banned from where?! it's coming this eid

  3.! mo be3eeda wallah :)

    Swera I heard through the bloggersphere somewhere few weeks back it was banned but if its not then Good news indeed!!! :)

  4. u still dont get my tweets ha?:( i have a question, i might order gelato bonbons for my friends "youm il 7enna" is it possible ena in6arsha laha dhl?

  5. Sugar I can see you're following me but I didn't get any tweet from you :( where does your friend live?

  6. qatar.. wedi adzlaha samples then she chooses o later adiz for the "youm il 7enna" bs is it possible to do the ramadhan flavors in september? lool i think because ur not following me o ana 7a6ita private:p

  7. I'd rather downlaod it and watch it uncut than go to the cinema and get annoyed with their so called censorship.