Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool! Try not to miss this, this is the newer version of an earlier "animated vs animator" clip.

Books and Movies

It is soo frustrating for me when I want to read a book now and can't find it in our market and I don't have the patience to wait for a mail order. What annoyed me more was my digital book. It was acting up on me and for some reason I can't upload and books on it.
I have a dvd copy of the movie Precious and I'm dying to watch it but not before I read the book Push, by Sapphire, which was based on. Another movie,Dear John, which will soon be released and based on the book by Nicholas Sparks and I'm dying to read it. I went to Virgins this afternoon but they do not have both books and their book section is shrink every time I go there. It is a real shame to think people here are not interested in reading. I doubt the books I'm looking for are anywhere else and I'm going to give Jareer bookstore a look tomorrow just in hope I'd find either one of them, at least until my digital book gets fixed. :(

Alice In Wonderland -Inspired Heels

Nicholas Kirkwood’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired heels, made on commission for the French department store Printemps, which is giving over its windows to all things Alice through March. (Sad to say, they’re window-only—you’ll have to find another pair to wear to the theater.) For the installation, Kirkwood is joined by Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander McQueen, Bernhard Willhelm, Charles Anastase, Christopher Kane, Chloé, Haider Ackermann, Manish Arora, and Maison Martin Margiela, each of whom were given a window to fill as they saw fit. The windows went up this week in Paris.
I wish I can go to Paris :(

Lunch at the Gaucho Grill

When it comes to food, I have a lot of favorite places. Gaucho Grill is different. It isn't only a favorite but also a special place. It is a time alone for Fahad and I. It is a place where I like to invite my friends or celebrate occasions. The staff are very friendly, the atmosphere warm and inviting and the food sooo delicious and their steaks which they are famous for sooo succulent! I usually order Palmito salad and 225 gram of Bife De Lomo with grilled mushrooms, mashed potato and mushroom sauce. Since I'm off red meat for a while, for the first time since I started going to Gaucho Grill I changed my order and chose to try the Adobo chicken, it is a boneless whole chicken served with spinach garlic and mashed potatos. Fahad went with his usual order, 300g of Bife De Lomo with mashed potato and mushroom sauce. The steak, was deliciously moist and tender, the chicken was juicy and full of flavor, although the portion was too much for me I ate as much as I could and enough to sustain me until tomorrow morning. It was all sooo good! For dessert we shared a Chocolate Truffle cake with vanilla ice cream. Double Yum! Enjoy the pics ;)
Bife De Lomo
Mashed potato & Mushroom sauce
Adobo Chicken
Chocolate Truffle cake

Friday, January 29, 2010

Heureux qui Comme Ulysse

Abdulaziz just told me it was him who was singing at the begining of the song. Now I know why I couldn't stop listening to the song over and over last night. Beautiful tune, and of course I being the proud mama, can stop my heart from fluttering. "Joachim du Bellay was a French poet born in 1522 to read in Anjou, and died on 1 January 1560 in Paris. Regrets is a collection of poems of Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560), written during his trip to Rome from 1553 to 1557 and published on his return in 1558. Before Du Bellay, nobody dared to compare his region's most prestigious cities in this way. Ridan, whose real name Nadir KOUIDRI is a young French singer of Algerian origin.He draws his inspiration from Renaud, Georges Brassens or Leo Ferré, Jacques Brel and Serge Reggiani to sing everyday racism ( "The Daily"), cynicism ( "Party of golf"), or the desire to return home ( "Farmers"). The song Ulysses, whose words repeat the poem Heureux qui comme Ulysse from the Collection The Regrets of Joachim du Bellay, after the release of Georges Brassens, won a great success." This is the Link: Hear Abdulaziz singing in the first part of the song ;)

General Culture Education Club

While learning and researching about whatever subject their tutor, who are family friends, chose for them, their reward is to record a short script about their research and get posted on the LFK (Langue Francaise au Koweit) blog. They are sooo cute! Listen to them and even if you don't understand leave for them an encouraging comment ;) That is a link for their research on Ibn Battuta: And here each rewrote a poem based on "A La manier de la Fourmi" By Robert Desnos: Abdulaziz wrote "Le Chat" General cultural education is important, whether its poetry, history, geography, arts and sciences. It broadens the mind and expand the child's interest in various subjects. When I lived in Paris, there was so much things to explore and learn. My old school made it a point to organize trips and work on projects so we can understand and learn. However here, school systems and hours are so cramped, teachers are not interested in givingthe child that extra something which isn't in the curriculum. We have a very rich Islamic and Arabic culture yet there isn't much interest in learning about them.

A Day at the Avenues

It has been a very long day! It was a day of food, and I'd better be a good girl tomorrow ;) First thing in the morning, had to rush for a meeting, on my way out Ahmed was already dressed, so I took him with me. Yes, I take my kids with me to meetings. I had a bottle of AlMara3ie orange juice for breakfast and Special K Protein water mix in Lemonade flavor. I love it and it's so invigorating. By the time I was done with the meeting and few errands I was starving. Fahad picked us up and we headed to Avenues. We went to Lorenzo for lunch. The kids had pizza and penne with bolognaise, Fahad and I shared a mixed salad. He had Roberto Piccata Limone and I had the Grilled Sole with Lemon sauce and veggies, the best sole in all of Kuwait. If you haven't tried it, then you better do. I just love love love it! When I was pregnant I had it every week! We decided to pass on dessert and have it somewhere else. We dropped the kids at Barouie and continued on to phase two. I wanted to try Pinkberry I haven't tried it since it opened. It was good, but I liked the Yogurberry in Duabi better, it had more flavor to it. We stopped at Dean & Deluca and browsed through the many goodies they have. There were so many things I wanted to buy from there but I have to be realistic I won't use them all, and some of the items, like pestos and pastes I like doing them at home. I was looking for their Madlains but they seemed out of it. I ended buying Pasta flavored in mushrooms and truffles, and another flavored in truffles. Now I have to figure out a recipe that would go well with it. We picked the kids from Barouie and headed back the same way we came from. We stopped at Paul. I love their pastries. It reminds me of my childhood in Paris. Abdulaziz chose a Gourmandise Pain au Chocolat for him and his brother. I chose some Éclair and a slice of Flan pie. It is all very very YUMMY, deliciously sweet and light. Do you like bitter sweet chocolate? On the way out, we stopped at Galler Chocolates, and I bought cold bitter chocolate drink. Amazing!!! Even Ahmed liked it. He has his mama's taste in food ;) Before we reached the parking lot, Abdulaziz insisted to checkout something in Ikea. So we went there, we didn't find what he wanted but I found this cute mini Kitchen for kids. My babies love to cook with me, but this kitchenette is too small for them, but if you have babies or you want to gift it to someone it would be perfect. There is also mini glasses, tea set, mini utensils. They are all soo cute!
Ahmedan acting up. He would only eat under the table.
So I fed him while he was sitting under the table :s
Abdulaziz "Casanova the ladies man" ;) Beware ladies he is
a heart breaker.
Roberto Piccata Limone. Fahad's favorite and it is very
My Grilled Sole with Lemon Sauce and veggies.
People at Lorenzo should name it after me ;p I was surprised with the portion. It was more than what
they usually serve. Shared it with Ahmed.
Pinkberry, it was good, but I liked the Yogurberry better.
If you happen to be in Dubai give it a try.
Cold Bitter Chocolate drink, from Galler chocolate.
Mini Kitchenette from Ikea. Baking set, tea set and glasses
are additional.

Gourmandise Pain au Chocolat from Paul.

Éclair and a slice of Flan pie from Paul. Just had a small

bite from the Éclair and it was YUMMY!

Mushroom and Truffle Pasta and Truffle Pasta.

Any suggestions for a recipe?

Now I feel exhausted and ready for bed ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Share With Us: What Makes You Happy?

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. (Albert Camus)
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. (Albert Schweitzer)
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. (Allan K. Chalmers)
What Makes you Happy? Share it with us :)

Deema's Tonsils

My sister Deema... had an operation yesterday removing her unnaturally large tonsils. According to doctors, they are five times larger than the normal tonsils, and they were blocking her airway which was giving her a hard time to breath. She went to few renowned doctors here in Kuwait and none of them seemed to help. One of them gave her acid reflux medication. Last month she was in London and decided to go for a check up while she was there and she showed him the medication given to her by this well known doctor in Kuwait. The British Doctor looked confused and said, "This is interesting. What does acid medication got to do with infected tonsils?" He told her that since its been a long time she was having trouble with them, they had to be removed. So she decided to have here. A visiting doctor from Germany removed them for her.
As hard as I tried to shake the little bottle to show
you her tonsils, they were still hiding. Maybe next time I'll put them
on a plate.
Infected and enlarged tonsils

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diet Update

Yesterday I was at my dietician. I lost 3Kg, which wasn't much, considering the last time I was there. I did confesse to the doc that I exercised less than I should in the past month. I did have few run ins with dessert from time to time. I got sick which put me in bed for a while and last weekend I fell and sprained my ankle which has put me off exercising for a while. She put me on a low carb. high protein diet which seems to work better for me, and I did reassure her that I'm starting swimming soon inshallah until my ankle is healed. I still have a long way to go. I don't have a scale, it is too depressing and I don't like to think about the number of my weight, but I do know how much I've got to lose. Although, I do take the measurement of my waist every week, it is more satisfying than a scale. I have 8 1/2 inches to lose, and I will post the number of inches I will lose from time to time. So wish me luck. It is a hard fight to get back in shape especially when my work is involved with food.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Playground

Tried and tested. I take my kids to the playground near our home everyday after school with their bikes and their football. I let them run yell and scream to their hearts content for an hour. This experiment started during the Christmas holidays and I found my Abdulaziz less vigorous and concentrates better with his homework and in school.
The weather is beautiful. So take advantage of it and let your little ones enjoy it.


I find myself drawn to white this season...
and I'm sooo in love with Marni handbag and boots ;)

Twisting Double Pigeon ;)

I love this move!
Sit on the floor and bend your left knee so it is parallel with your tummy. Bend your right knee and place it on top, so your ankles and knees are stacked, and your shins are parallel. You'll know you're doing it right when you gaze down and see that your legs make a little triangle. You may find your top knee to be way high up toward the ceiling — it's OK, it just means that your hips are tight. Working on this stretch will help to open those tight hips. Place your hands in front of your shins and walk them toward the right so both hands are beside your right thigh. If you're flexible, lower your forearms to the floor. To increase the twist, lift your right arm into the air and gaze at your palm while pressing your left elbow against your right knee. After 30 seconds or so, place your right hand on the floor, walk your hands back to the center, and walk them all the way over to the left side. To increase the stretch, raise your left arm in the air and gaze upward. Walk your hands back to center when you're ready and then sit up. Straighten both legs out in front of you. Then do Double Pigeon with the right leg on the bottom, and repeat walking your hands first to the left, and then to the right

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do You Wear High Heels? Do these stretches ;)

If you're only interested in stretching your arches and toes, just rest your palms on your thighs instead of doing the triceps part of this stretch. Kneel on a mat or carpet.
Tuck your toes toward your knees and then slowly lower your pelvis to your heels. If this is intense just stay here, but if you want to add the triceps stretch, then reach your right arm overhead and your left arm behind your lower back. Bend both elbows and try to touch your fingers together. If it's easy, clasp your fingers together. Stay here for at least 30 seconds (or release when you've had enough) and then slowly lift your hips off your heels, point your toes away from your knees, and sit back down on your heels to stretch the tops of your feet. Repeat for a second time and if you did the triceps stretch on the right side, now switch and do it on the left.
Stretch out your shins and the tops of your feet with this move. Cross your left ankle over your right with your toes pointed to the right. Bend your right knee to increase the stretch for the top of the left foot. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds then straighten the right knee; repeat before switching sides.
Here's a more intense stretch that will not only target your feet and calves, but also your hip flexors, which get tight when you wear heels. Kneel on the ground and place your right toes on the wall as high as you can with your heel on the floor. Place your hands on the ground on either side
of your front thigh and step your left leg back, coming into a low lunge with your left knee on the floor. Keep your left foot flexed so you can stretch out this foot as well. Gaze forward and press your hips forward to increase
the stretch in your right foot and left hip flexor. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.
Give the bottoms of your feet and your tight calves some love with this easy stretch. Sit on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you. Fold a hand towel in half and hold on to either end with each hand. Hook the middle of the towel around the ball of your right flexed foot. Bend your elbows back and pull the towel toward your chest while keeping your right leg straight, but don't jam the back of your knee into the floor. To increase the stretch in your calf, bend your right knee slightly. Hold here for 30 seconds and then do this stretch with the left foot.
Here's a soothing solution to sore, achy arches. Fill a reusable water bottle halfway with ice cubes. Then fill the bottle with cold water. Place the bottle on a towel to collect condensation, and place the arch of your bare foot on the middle of the bottle. Rock your foot forward and back, rolling the bottle underneath. Apply as much pressure as you want, and continue this for a few minutes. Repeat with the other foot.
Happy Stretching ;)

Creamy Herbed Chicken Pasta

When you diet, sometimes you crave restaurant style food, or food that is full of flavor and texture. Food which makes you fat! Yet you don't want to sabotage your diet by eating something high in fat. I own a lot of cook books, actually hundreds of them. In one of them there is this favorite recipe I always make. Sometimes I use regular ingredients, but now, because I'm dieting, I swapped them for low fat alternatives and the result is the same and even better "Guilt free" YUM!
Creamy Herbed Chicken with Spinach Tagliatelle
4 Chicken breast fillets, sliced
2 teaspoons of sweet paprika
1 teaspoon cracked black pepper
250g packet of cream cheese (I used light philly)
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese ( I used the reduced fat which I found at Carfour)
1 cup of water
1 small cube of chicken stock (I used Maggie low salt chicken stock)
1 tablespoon of chopped fresh basil leaves
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley
1 tablespoon of chopped fresh mint
40g butter (I used Lurpak light)
500g of spinach Tagliatelle (Or any other pasta. There is gluten free pasta available at Dean & Deluca which I also use sometimes for my pasta dishes)
- This is very easy to make. Mix the chicken, paprika and pepper in a bowl and set aside. (I usually let it marinate for half hour at least, sometimes more)
-Blend or process the cheeses, the water and the stock cube and herbs until well combined. Heat butter in pan and add chicken. cook stirring over high heat until well browned. add cheese mixture, simmer for 5 minutes.
-Add pasta to a large pan of boiling water, boil uncovered until just tender. Drain.
- Serve pasta with creamy chicken.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ahmed!

24/01/2007 less than a minute old :) I want to kill this nurse for covering his face :(
4 days old
5 month old
14 m0nth old...tasting his first yogurt
20 months old. His first health club membership 28 months
(Picture was taken by the talented Ghanima AlFalah)
Pictures were taken last summer in Tunis
This morning 24/01/2010
Taking his shower ;)
As a mother I can not do justice. It is joy to watch him grow before us.
Allah ya7fetha min kel shar oo yewafga :***

Sandra Brown : Play Dirty

About the Book Play Dirty isn’t a story about professional football, although it's about an NFL player. More specifically an ex-player, who (you’re way ahead of me here) played dirty and got caught. The story opens the day that Griff Burkett, former all-star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is released from prison after serving a five year sentence in federal prison for racketeering. But all that is just background to set up the real story, which is about what Griff is going to do now, now that he’s a fallen star, banned from the league, and reviled by those who once cheered him. Have I mentioned that he’s also flat broke and fresh out of prospects? Well, he does have one. And this job opportunity is a doozy. It’s easy work and there’s lots of money to be made. Seem too good to be true? (You’re way ahead of me again.) Despite his misgivings, Griff accepts the offer extended to him by mega-millionaire Foster Speakman and his wife, Laura. But in this game, Griff isn’t calling the plays, as he did as quarterback. And watching from the sideline, waiting for him to fumble, is his nemesis, Stanley Rodarte, a ruthless enemy with a score to settle. Nobody plays by the rules, and soon Griff finds himself in a game where winning will cost him the woman he loves, and losing will cost him his life.
What I thouhgt
It was a slow read for me. Maybe because as hard as I did, I couldn't like the characters. Griff was dump and Laura an emotionless doormat. There was no chemistery between them and the emotions they felt for one another, felt forced between them. I liked every book I've read for Sandra Brown, but this not so much. I hope the next one I will read will be better.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Diet Advice

Having an early morning meal , with a protein main component , will help you maintain your figure, this is achieved by manipulating your metabolism .
From Dr. Emad AlEbrahim

Big Girl You're Beautiful: Crytal Renn

She is very very beautiful!
Crystal Renn, a plus-size model, once starved herself to meet fashion’s prevailing standard of beauty. Now Ford Models calls her the most successful member of its plus-size division. By ERIC WILSON Published: January 13, 2010
WHEN he met Crystal Renn for the first time last September over lunch at the Royalton in Manhattan, Stephen Gan, the influential creative director of fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Visionaire, had the same reaction as virtually everyone who comes face to face with the industry’s reigning plus-size model. You’re not big,” Mr. Gan said. Ms. Renn — 23 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, bra 38C, waist 30, hips 42, hair and eyes brown — is a size 12. Mr. Gan half expected Mae West. Photographs in the international editions of Bazaar and Vogue had so emphasized Ms. Renn’s natural curves, and in some cases exaggerated them with lighting and digital manipulation, that he imagined her to be much larger, with the personality of a vixen, rather than the breathtaking but normal young woman who had come to tell him her story. Ms. Renn has heard this before. So-called plus-size models are constantly being told by editors and designers that they don’t look fat, which is meant to be a compliment, Ms. Renn said in her recently published memoir, “Hungry.” Still, it does become tiresome for a model who aspires to wrest fragrance and beauty contracts from women who are size 2 or smaller, she said. “It’s simply bizarre that ‘normal’ is the new overweight,” she wrote. “We’ve seen that super-skinny women can be as unhappy as the fattest fat girl. We know how awful it is to obsess about every calorie. We’ve just opted not to make ourselves crazy.” Three years after the outcry over alarmingly thin fashion models led to an industry reckoning, magazines are making a point to include more diverse body types, especially those with fuller figures. So it has not gone unnoticed by Ms. Renn and the fashion industry that the backlash against skinny models has, in effect, given her career a major boost. She is, from a high-fashion standpoint, “far and away” the most successful model in the plus-size division of Ford Models, said her agent, Gary Dakin. In the February issue of Glamour, she appears in an eight-page fashion feature on sheer clothes. For the March issue of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, she was photographed, by Ruven Afanador, in a blond wig as Anna Nicole Smith. And she was described by Mr. Gan as the inspiration for making the new spring preview issue of V Magazine, an offshoot of Visionaire that he also edits — a “size issue,” including several portfolios starring plus-size models. “It’s going to be a bit hard on the eyes for a lot of fashion people,” Mr. Gan said during an interview in Visionaire’s SoHo offices this week. “It was about dealing with a subject that in my world is such a taboo. In fashion, putting on two pounds is a taboo.” The issue, whose images were circulated online two weeks ago, ahead of its newsstand appearance this week, has sparked countless discussions about broadening the cast of models in magazine editorial features, runway shows and ad campaigns. One of the V portfolios shows side-by-side images of Ms. Renn and Jacquelyn Jablonski, a size 2, wearing the same-size runway samples from Versace, Proenza Schouler and Dolce & Gabbana. Some who commented on the Web said that they were pleased to see models with bodies that more women could relate to. But others complained that the images were exploitative, that they glorified obesity or were a publicity stunt. It struck many readers as patronizing to hold up Ms. Renn as an example of a plus-size body, given that the average American woman is a size 14. Last Friday, Ms. Renn arrived for an interview wearing a cosmic glitter Maison Martin Margiela cat suit, a sleeveless cardigan from Preen, Rick Owen’s floppy boots and what looked like a bicycle lock around her neck. For all the appearance of success, she has had darker days, as chronicled in her book, in which she describes starving herself to be a “straight size” model, the industry term for girls who meet the prevailing standard of beauty, which is to say extremely thin. It was not until Ms. Renn acknowledged an eating disorder six years ago and began to eat normally that her career took off as a plus-size model. While she embraces that label, she also sees it as a means of changing expectations among designers and magazines — and even the public — that models have to look a certain way. Ms. Renn was born in Miami. Her mother, who was still a teenager, left her to be raised by her grandmother, Kathy Renn, a successful saleswoman of Mary Kay cosmetics with a pink Cadillac in the driveway. Ms. Renn came to know her grandmother as Mom, while her mother, named Lana in the book, remained largely out of the picture until her teens. When she was 12, Ms. Renn and her grandmother briefly moved in with Lana in Clinton, Miss., but their relationship ended with a violent confrontation. She never knew her father. “I don’t have a picture,” she said. “I don’t even have a name.” When a modeling scout told her she had potential provided she lose weight and shrink her hip size from 43 inches to 34, Ms. Renn saw a means of escape from small-town life in Clinton. On a regimen of Diet Coke and sugar-free Jell-O, she began by losing 28 pounds in three months. By 2002, when she moved to New York at age 15, she weighed 95 pounds and had lost more than 42 percent of her body weight. On her first day in the city, she landed a shoot for Seventeen. Kathy Renn, now living in Riverside, Calif., where she is the executive director of a nonprofit group, Fuel Relief Fund, said she always thought her granddaughter was in control of her diet and weight. “One thing about Crystal,” she said, “is she is very goal-oriented. When she set her mind to going into modeling, that’s what she did.” Although she followed her granddaughter to New York for several months, Mrs. Renn was not fully aware of Crystal’s weight struggles until she read the book. “It hit home, and hit the heart,” she said. “Basically, when it got down to being too much, she literally turned her life around.” When the book was published last fall, Crystal Renn said, she felt that she was able to close the door on a period of her life defined by hatred of her body. Ford describes her as the highest paid plus-size model, although Mr. Dakin would not disclose how much she makes in commercial work for stores like Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and her biggest client, Evans, a retailer of plus-size fashion in the United Kingdom. (Her total annual earnings are estimated to be in the high six figures.) “I’ve always felt, in some ways, like an outsider,” said Ms. Renn, who now weighs about 165. “But that is the fashion industry. You know how that is. The creative one at the school, the outsider, the goth or the gay guy — whatever it is, they always get made fun of. I feel like they all got together and moved to New York City and made the fashion industry. “And here I am,” she said. “I feel right at home, very much accepted and very happy.” It is a perverse footnote to the scandal over skinny models that the smallest of changes in a magazine or runway show — the arrival of Lara Stone, a model with recognizable breasts, for example — can be viewed as emblematic of a new moral standard worthy of applause. When Glamour ran a single-page photograph of a voluptuous, unclothed model, Lizzie Miller, in its September issue, positive responses from readers flooded in. “It was a reminder how much our eyes have become inured to a particular standard,” Cindi Leive, the editor, said in an interview at the time. “There were many readers who said they didn’t know what a quote-unquote normal body looked like anymore.” THE rub is that many plus-size models complain that their images are often retouched as routinely as celebrity covers — only to make them look bigger. Ms. Renn said that she had seen images in which weight was added to make her appear to be a size 20, to be more appealing to larger customers. Jennie Runk, another size 12 model, admitted to Glamour that she sometimes wears padding for photo shoots. To make the point of Ms. Renn’s size more provocatively, Mr. Gan said he told her: “I’d like you to flaunt it. I want to pump up the volume, so to speak.” Asked about this, Ms. Renn said she understood the tendency to focus on her shape. “Because I am a plus-size model, they like to make an example,” she said. “They see a roll, and they say, ‘Ooh, a roll!’ And they focus on it.” In her book, she describes this as the fetishization of fat. “When designers and editors choose one fat girl to salivate over, and revel in her avoirdupois, I’m not sure how much it advances the cause of using girls of all sizes in a magazine,” she wrote. What she would like to see, in the interest of fairness, is those photographers and magazines making a point of not showing an image of a model whose ribs are showing. “I’m fighting for something,” Ms. Renn said. “I believe fashion can be a place of diversity. It’s not going to happen overnight, but do you want it to?”

Meat Lasagna

Meat Lasagna with a side of cesar salad
I love to cook, as you might have guessed by now. I've been cooking my own food since I was nineteen. This way I can control the amount of fat in my food. But I have let everything go after I had Ahmed.
This year is going to be different and I began cooking my own food again, it is just easy following recipes and swaping certain ingrediants with lowfat alternatives. Inshallah, within three... ok four months max, I'm back to what I used to be.
Anyway... I've been so busy last week preparing for the expo I didn't have enough time to cook for myself and instead of eating food made by our cook (which drips with fat) I stop at Sultan and pick few things from the Diet Care fridge.
I was craving Pasta so much last week, they have this delicious mushroom cannolli, and when I went to Sultan on my way home, I found that Diet care also makes Meat Lasagna. It was an amazing YUM!!! and only 390 calories. Very delicious and full of flavor. I love their salads and their Tik dessert. It is soo good I can't have enough of it.
Give it a try and tell me what do you think of it.