Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yogurberry In Dubai

We have Pinkberry & in Dubai there is Yogurberry and
it was sooo delicious!
Strawberry Yogurt with chunks of strawberry and mango It was really good!

The next day I went to try the Mango Yogurt with chunks of mango and Pineapples.

I liked it better than the strawberry.


  1. it looks a i would really love to try anything which is similar to it.. :)
    what all flavors do they have?

  2. It was really good. They have the regular frozen yogurt. Strawberry, Mango(my favorite) and greentea.

  3. it was amazing, i had it yesterday. takin my mum today. it was really different

  4. 3alaik bel3afia Ali...hope she'll enjoy it too ;)

  5. i love yogurberry. its yum, its super healthy and i tried their newly introduced blueberry frozen yogurt with coconut jelly topping. its yummmyy. cant wait to visit yogurberry again this weekend. lov you yogurberry