Sunday, January 31, 2010

Books and Movies

It is soo frustrating for me when I want to read a book now and can't find it in our market and I don't have the patience to wait for a mail order. What annoyed me more was my digital book. It was acting up on me and for some reason I can't upload and books on it.
I have a dvd copy of the movie Precious and I'm dying to watch it but not before I read the book Push, by Sapphire, which was based on. Another movie,Dear John, which will soon be released and based on the book by Nicholas Sparks and I'm dying to read it. I went to Virgins this afternoon but they do not have both books and their book section is shrink every time I go there. It is a real shame to think people here are not interested in reading. I doubt the books I'm looking for are anywhere else and I'm going to give Jareer bookstore a look tomorrow just in hope I'd find either one of them, at least until my digital book gets fixed. :(


  1. ma lech ela amazon order it "express"

  2. I used to order from Amazon... I still do, but it is quicker to up load books on my digital reader.

  3. hi nice blog ;)

    i completely agree :( we need something like borders or barnes and noble where u can get man differnt types of books.

    on top of the books u jut mentioned i would like to recommend another book by nicholas sparks and it is also coming out as a movie its called "the last song" its really good just like the rest of his books ;)

  4. Hi Stuck at Work... Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the blog ;)

    I will check out the book you recommended inshallah.

  5. bas sej its hard 2 find people who might be interested in reading "specially here" :|

  6. ba6alah people are not interested in reading because they were not taught how to appreciate it ;) In my old school there is a compulsory reading hour and every student should have his book to read during this time. During vacation we should read sevral books and write book reports about them.
    I read with my kids every evening before bed.
    Book clubs! We don't have any book clubs at all...well at least none I've heard of.