Friday, January 29, 2010

General Culture Education Club

While learning and researching about whatever subject their tutor, who are family friends, chose for them, their reward is to record a short script about their research and get posted on the LFK (Langue Francaise au Koweit) blog. They are sooo cute! Listen to them and even if you don't understand leave for them an encouraging comment ;) That is a link for their research on Ibn Battuta: And here each rewrote a poem based on "A La manier de la Fourmi" By Robert Desnos: Abdulaziz wrote "Le Chat" General cultural education is important, whether its poetry, history, geography, arts and sciences. It broadens the mind and expand the child's interest in various subjects. When I lived in Paris, there was so much things to explore and learn. My old school made it a point to organize trips and work on projects so we can understand and learn. However here, school systems and hours are so cramped, teachers are not interested in givingthe child that extra something which isn't in the curriculum. We have a very rich Islamic and Arabic culture yet there isn't much interest in learning about them.

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