Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Party!

If it came to me… I'd order a cake… have Caesars Pizza and goodie bags and have the party at school.
But Nooooo…. Ahmedan wants a party! And of course he went to his father, "I want a Party Baba!"
Fahad is still feeling guilty because we weren't in Kuwait last year during Ahmed's birthday. My sisters had for him a small party with close friends but he didn't want to celebrate with them… w 3afar 3alaihom 3afra… only because we weren't there, and I remember he called us crying, saying he doesn't want his aunties and wants us back! It really stuck with Fahad.  
"Give him the party he wants!" The big boss commanded!
Really!!!! Not in the mood for a party and the chaos which comes with it!
"Ok baby, what kind of party do you want?"
"I want a football party!"
Oh God! Help!
So we set on preparing for the event. I wanted it to be an outdoor party, and was planning to rent one of those football fields and have some catering and a DJ, but during that time the weather was very chilly and unpredictable. So I went to Goal and Ahmed was super excited on having his party there! Unfortunately the only open date for the event was on the 31st a week after his actual birthday…Not a problem! I also checked around different bakeries seeing what kind of football themed cakes they had and he chose the design he liked best from Mr.Baker with the flavor he likes…chocolate on chocolate!
I also wanted the invitation to be extra special. So I ordered football cookies from Safi… they are so cute and so yummy! Yep I had a taste ;p The cookies were distributed with the invitations. I saw the kids were so excited about the party when I went to pick up Ahmed from school. I just hope they'd come.
Day of the party… was raining so heavily and I was really nervous that no one will show up. But alhamdullah 25 out of 30 kids we invited showed up. The kids had a blast! A bunch of 5 year olds all running behind the ball and it didn't matter which goal they kicked the ball in, even the girls played! I also asked them to provide us with a free style ball performer. The Gentlemen at Goal did a great job in involving the kids in the game and keeping the cranky birthday boy who loved all the attention happy!
Their dinner was at Chillies which was right next door. I chose Chillies from McDonald's because their menu was better. They had a choice of cheese burger, chicken crisps or pizza.
All in all it was very good :) Except I lost my voice for two days ;p

I want to send a very Special and Big! Thank You! to my sisters and cousins who were there for Ahmed and me! They were there to help me and make sure everything went smoothly.
And I leave you with the pictures ;)

Football Lollipop cookies from Safi, Nuzha.

The invitations ;)

Goodie bags...
I found football themed goodie bags
at Party Land with foot ball themed goodies,
I just added extra chocolates and candie ;)
Free style preformer.
The timing was right. By that time the kids were a bit tired and needed a break  and they were agog from all the tricks he did for them!
Here is Ahmed doing his own tricks.
Chinna sij!

All the kids had a turn :)
Another trick by Ahmed :)

The kids lost it here when Mr.Goal came out.
Some were hyper excited and others were terrified!

Ahmed & his BFF cousin Yazan ;)

And here is the cake...
design chosen by Ahmed from

Happy Birthday my baby...
Al3omer killa inshallah...
 3asa allah ye7afthek w yebale'3ni feek ;***

A New Barista in Town!!!

Our Sister Blogger Danderma has always expressed she wanted to learn how to make coffee like a Barista, and I think it was one of her resolution this for this year. And what do you know! She took a training course with Gloria Jean's on how to make good…very good coffee!!

A couple of weeks ago was her graduation. I took the boys with me and honestly I thought it was only to go get some coffee and support her. It was an event, with other bloggerettes present and a graduation ceremony! It was fun! And very proud of her achievement! And Bravo!!!


  This is a stencil cut out with my blogs name!
Thank you Gloria Jean's.

 Danderma and the boys...Abdulaziz is star struck!

 And here is Danderma making my Mocha... how was it?
 Read on and you'll find out ;)

 More stencil cuts for other bloggerettes ;)

 OMG! Those drinks were made for the boys!!!
I had to make them run later in the afternoon to burn
all that extra energy from the sugar!!!

 And another shot of Denermatna busy preparing coffees...

 And here is my coffee!!! With my blogs name on it! And honestly it was an extra yummy coffee because Danderma prepared it!
I enjoyed it very much!

Gloria Jean's were kind enough
to give me a goodie bag with two
kinds of coffees my stencil
some info about their coffee and
their very yummy muffins!!!

Thank you for orgnaizing a wonderful event!!!

I was happy to see all my sister bloggerettes and
missed those who didn't make it or had to leave early...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I know I haven't been posting for a while...
I'm so busy with the kids and work and I know
I'm way behind on the topics I'd like to post about...
but inshallah I'll catch up in the next few days :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


"The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the goverenment is to live under the goverenment of worse men" - Plato

 Vote wisely! Think about our future. Think about Kuwait!

Please Vote!