Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New Barista in Town!!!

Our Sister Blogger Danderma has always expressed she wanted to learn how to make coffee like a Barista, and I think it was one of her resolution this for this year. And what do you know! She took a training course with Gloria Jean's on how to make good…very good coffee!!

A couple of weeks ago was her graduation. I took the boys with me and honestly I thought it was only to go get some coffee and support her. It was an event, with other bloggerettes present and a graduation ceremony! It was fun! And very proud of her achievement! And Bravo!!!


  This is a stencil cut out with my blogs name!
Thank you Gloria Jean's.

 Danderma and the boys...Abdulaziz is star struck!

 And here is Danderma making my Mocha... how was it?
 Read on and you'll find out ;)

 More stencil cuts for other bloggerettes ;)

 OMG! Those drinks were made for the boys!!!
I had to make them run later in the afternoon to burn
all that extra energy from the sugar!!!

 And another shot of Denermatna busy preparing coffees...

 And here is my coffee!!! With my blogs name on it! And honestly it was an extra yummy coffee because Danderma prepared it!
I enjoyed it very much!

Gloria Jean's were kind enough
to give me a goodie bag with two
kinds of coffees my stencil
some info about their coffee and
their very yummy muffins!!!

Thank you for orgnaizing a wonderful event!!!

I was happy to see all my sister bloggerettes and
missed those who didn't make it or had to leave early...

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