Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost a Nutella in a Chocolate Bar

It isn't really nutella but very very close to it.
Milka's Noisette chocolate bar is so dense creamy and divine!
and it tastes like nutella and melts in your mouth
So if you pass by Sultan... give them a try ;)
If you wonder how I'm fairing with my diet?
This is your answer ;p

Wisdom Of the Week

All the battles in life serve to teach us something,
even the battles we lose.
(Paulo Coelho)

When Deliciousness Speaks Chocolate

Yummy... Yummy....
I got a package of Chocolateness's new flavor, Cinnamon and Pecans!
Ahhhhh... pure torture! I had to watch what I'm eating but I allowed myself
a couple of pots ;p and had to share the rest with my family ;ppp
I usually don't share my Chocolateness ;)
You understand what I mean if you are a chocolateness addict ;p
I really loved the new flavor. I felt and my sister agrees with me...
it is lighter than the regular one. We just loved it!
Thank You Rankan Al Fedhala ;)
Chocolateness: 99906890

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love Letter - Fictional

This is a fictional letter from the last book I read by author Lisa Kleypas. It is a love letter from Beatrix Hathawy to Captain Christopher Phelan. It is so lovely and touching I wanted to share it with you.
Dearest Christopher,
I can't write to you again. I'm not who you think I am.
I didn't mean to send love letters, but that is what they became. On their way to you, my words turned into heartbeats on the page.
Come back, please come back and find me.

Movie Review - Black Swan

Black Swan
I finally had time to go through the stack of movies I've got piling up on my shelf. As much as I wanted to watch Black Swan since it came out, I wanted to watch it when I'm less preoccupied. It is the story of Nina, a Prima Ballerina, who fights to get the part of the Swan Queen, and fights to keep it againt Lilly another ballerina. However, in the end Nina was fighting against herself, trying to tap and bring out her dark side. The movie was breath taking, glorious and dark and twisted. I love Natalie Portman and loved her more in this performance. Worth watching if you haven't watched it yet.

Funny Signs

I wonder how much my children will bring if they get
sold to the circus? ;p
Lol! My favorite!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Downhill Bike Race in Chile... Insane!

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

I have never seen such intense insanity!!! It made my heart pound like crazy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diet Update - March

I spent most winter in leggings, long T's and Cardi's. I spent most winter stuffing myself with lots of Crabs, sugars and fat! I spent most winter either sampling new flavors or sitting in my corner unmoving for hours at a time either reading or just eating even more! And one morning I wakeup finding the weather warm, happily I reach to one of my essential clothing items I got last summer… and the HORROR!!! It doesn't fit!!! I dropped it and tried another piece of clothing! No!!!! It can't be!!! Have I unconsciously let myself go without realizing it? I'd be lying to myself if I said "YES!" I knew I was out of control the moment I went on vacation last December, although I tried to get back on track after I got back, but then I flew to Italy then Turkey and later on to Dubai. I couldn't deny myself the yummy foods I had while traveling. And after I got back it was hard to get back on track. I needed to focus and commit. I didn't have that. I was so distracted most of the time and had dead lines commited too. It was just stressful. Now the initial craziness has passed by. I have no excuse to stall the inevitable, I need to shed the winter weight!!! I'm starting a cleansing diet this week. I'm already feeling the hunger pangs and I'm craving a juicy cheese burger :s I found my old diary where I log everything in it from personal thoughts to meal and exercise plans. I was on a low carb diet when I first started my weight loss program, last year, with my dietitian and started with 30min exercise and gradually increased it until I've reached a 2 hours a day exercising. I've also noticed I went on a weekly spa relaxation massages. Then it suddenly stopped when school started. I was so under a lot of stress and worried about my son's education and I lost my focus on the diet. However now I don't have any excuse! Except for my ankle which I sprained a couple of weeks ago and it's still uncomfortable to exercise on it. But I'm swimming until it heels and it is doing me good and I have rearranged my priorities and my schedule, so I hope by the end of April I will have good news to share with you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dust Storm - Kuwait

So...we've all witnessed that scary sandstorm which hit the country
this afternoon. I was sitting reading with Abdulaziz when
I received a message from my cousin about the storm heading
our way ten minutes before it hit in our area...
In my living room I have large windows, it was Abdulaziz who noticed it
as it rushed in our direction... I grabbed my camera and snapped as fast as I can.
In matter of seconds everything went dark around us.
My living room was filled with dust which crept inside from the A/C
and my large windows. I took the boys into my room, strangely it is the
only room that was dust free. We spent the rest of the evening there.
45min after the storm hit,
I went back to the living room, it was covered with a thick layer
of dust! and more dust was coming in!
Moments later... it turned all dark and I could hardly see the
street the street outside. The cars passing by were barely visible.
That was seconds before bulk of the storm hit... I could
hardly make out those trees in matter of seconds!!! Dust covering my whole living room and my beloved books...
This is a dusty message from Abdulaziz...
I heart Kuwait!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cute Baby Emerson

Oh Poor Baby Emerson!!! So Cute!

Have a Great Weekend!

Do you follow American Idol on OSN? I do ;p I can't make up my mind between Scotty McCreery, James Durbin or Casey Abrams. These three performs just give me goose bumps when they are performing on stage. I hope one of them will win ;) Scotty McCreery Casey Abrams James Durbin. I just love his vocals! incredible! Have a great weekend!

Gelato's New Flavors

Pass by this weekend and try our newest flavors. Spring Flowery flavors in Jasmine and Rose (Big hit at P2BK) Cheese Cake Milk & Honey.
Stay tuned! The Gelato Season has just begun and
more new flavors to come ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Review - The Eagle

We wanted to take a short break and fly to Dubai this weekend and just relax on a movie and food fest for a couple of days, our plans were canceled when I woke up this morning finding Ahmed with the Chicken Pox, poor baby. Well mal7oga inshallah, my baby's welbeing is more important. So instead I booked for the Eagle which I wanted to see since I've heard about it few months ago.
The story takes place in 140 AD in a conqoured Britain by the Romans. Marcus Aquila gets stationed in Britain in hopes to restore his family's name and honor after being disgraced by the disappearance of his father Flavius Aquila and Romes golden emblem The Eagle with the 5000- strong Nineth Legion in the Northern territory of Caledonia (Scotland). After Marcus being discharged with honor because of wounds he aquired during a battle, he embarks on a quest with his slave Esca to find the golden Eagle and reinstate his family's reputation.
We enjoyed the movie. It wasn't that bad but not as good as I expected.
But it was good to just zone out for few hours.
I love Channing Tatum! one of my favorite actors.
So cute!!!
Hellloooo!!! Who is this Cutey Pie??? Remember the little scrawny Jamie Bell? He is all buff and hot ;p Right girls? Here is Jamie Bell in Billy Elliot... I loved that movie. Billy Elliot has an unexpected love of dance that helps him to overcome poverty and prejudice and achieve his dreams.

Aero Caramel

Has anyone tried the Areo Caramel? Well let me say it is ideal for afternoon tea or coffee…
It was good… Yes7an w 7ag altemo5mo5 ;p

Lisa's Wonderland - Books Review

Note: If you don't like Romances then this post isn't for you ;p
Since January I fell through a hole and landed in Lisa's Wonderland. That is Lisa Kleypas's Wonderland of Romances and author of the best historical and contemporary romances I've read so far this year. Her books are addictive and I've reread a couple of them twice right after I've finished them. And let me add, I don't like to read any historical romances I find in the market, I'm very particular when it comes to historicals. Not all of them are that good, but Lisa Kleypas's books are just hot! She weaves wonderful tales filled with love, with strong characters and intriguing plots. I am drowning in her books and I want more!!!
Hathaway Series (I've got two more to read to complete it) : Mine Till Midnight, Seduce Me at Sunrise, Tempt Me at Twilight, Married by Morning and Love in the Afternoon.
The Wallflowers Series (one more book left to complete the collection): Secret of a Summer Night (read it twice), It Happened One Autumn, The Devil in Winter, Scandal in Spring (waiting for it to arrive) and a Wallflower Christmas.
The Travis's Series (Contemporary and I just loved it! and hope there will be more to come): Sugar Daddy (read it twice!), Blue Eyed Devil, Smooth Talking Stranger.
The Bow Street Runners Series (I've only started with one book in this serie and waiting for the rest to arrive): Someone to Watch Over Me, Lady Sophia's Lover, Worth Any Price, Where is My Hero (it is an anthology, but there is Jake Linly's story),
The Vallerand Series (Something different, it takes place in Aristocratic Creole New Orleans): When Strangers Marry, Only with Your Love. (I hope there will be more about them)
Singles yet they have reoccurring characters from other books: Again the Magic, Where Dreams Begin (made me cry), Suddenly You.
There is still more books to read and on the way to my impatient hands. Really they are very addictive!!!! I just loved loved them! Don't you love Romance? I love love and romance and love and ...did I already say that? ;p I highly recommend her books to all Romance lovers ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm bit slow in my posts… yeah…I'm just dead tired! I still can't feel my feet ;p Anyway, there was so much to see at P2BK this year, unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to look at other booths. Our booth was in the Food Court section at the back of the hall and somewhat isolated from the rest of the event. Sometimes I get astonished when I see all the hype and energy on the other side. Regrettably I didn't have the time to browse 3ala ra7ty like last year's event. However this is what I managed to snap when I had the time and remembered to bring my cam. along ;p
Abdulaziz at the Venyooo's booth trying
to catch some money inside the Cash Tent ;p
I loved the flower arrangements on the tables in
the food court...
Sssssss Snake! Our favorite place in Kuwait, The Scientific Center
their booth was there and brought different animals everday.
Abdulaziz and Ahmed visited their booth every day ;p
Cute Hedgehog... Abdulaziz wanted to keep him as a pet But when he saw what the hedgehog had for a snack
"Slimy Worms"... he quickly changed his mind ;p
(see him on the corner of the pic covering his eyes)
Special Thanks to the event orgnaizers, Mr. Thari AlWazzan, Mr. Mishary Al Abdulmuhsin, Ms. Hanan AlGhanim, Ms. Bedour AlShakhs and the young man who I didn't catch his name, who whenever I ask him for something he tells me
"Min 3yooni althintain"... teslamli 3yoonik o ye5aleek 7ag ahalek.
Thank You! for making it effortless and I know how big and crazy it can get.
Thank you to all who stopped by our booth! I hope you all liked our product.

On Mother's Day

I get a little note from Ahmed's Teacher that I'm
invited early morning on Mother's Day to the class for a small party.
I arrive and all the mamas were there.
There was a short movie about the students life
in class, and then after the movie they recited a very cute
poem about Mothers, after the students gave their mamas
a card and a small jewelry box made by them. I just loved it!!!

Card and jewelry box made by Ahmed!!!

He was so shy when he gave it to me... my baby :*** A chocolate cake baked by the Teacher and decorated by the students!!! It's extra sweet because it was touched by their little grubby hands ;p

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas, the Aunties and the GrandMa's, and
even the Mama's Best Friends who stand in for the mama's sometimes ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

أمي يا ملاكي

أمي يا ملاكي
Le Notre Mother's Day Cake
Its a Red Velvet Cake with cheese frosting
and the price is KD40
To order call: 1805050 ext. 28

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Of Note at P2BK....

Of Note… If you are passing by P2Bk… be sure to check out Tashkeil which gorgeous accessories and leather goods. I just love it! And La Collage, where you can display your memories in beautiful framed works. A great gift for Mother's Day!
I'm so in love with their leather goods. Passport covers
and handbags.
La Collage
La Collage's booth at P2BK

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gelato Italiano Booth

Rocky Road
Yogurt and Raspberry
Lemon mint.
Chocolate...Melon....M&M....Kinder...New flavor Jasmine
Yummy flavors and presentation ;)
What do you think?
Gelato Italiano Booth in the food court section

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gelato Italiano at P2BK!

Gelato Italiano is participating in Proud 2 Be Kuwaiti, at the Kuwait Fair Grounds – Hall 8, from 16-19 March, from 9am-2pm and from 5pm – 10pm, except on Friday, it will be from 5pm-10pm. You will find us in the food court at the back of the hall 8. Stop by and sample from our 2011 Spring/Summer new flavors!!! See you there! :)
Our booth at P2BK
what do you think?