Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diet Update - March

I spent most winter in leggings, long T's and Cardi's. I spent most winter stuffing myself with lots of Crabs, sugars and fat! I spent most winter either sampling new flavors or sitting in my corner unmoving for hours at a time either reading or just eating even more! And one morning I wakeup finding the weather warm, happily I reach to one of my essential clothing items I got last summer… and the HORROR!!! It doesn't fit!!! I dropped it and tried another piece of clothing! No!!!! It can't be!!! Have I unconsciously let myself go without realizing it? I'd be lying to myself if I said "YES!" I knew I was out of control the moment I went on vacation last December, although I tried to get back on track after I got back, but then I flew to Italy then Turkey and later on to Dubai. I couldn't deny myself the yummy foods I had while traveling. And after I got back it was hard to get back on track. I needed to focus and commit. I didn't have that. I was so distracted most of the time and had dead lines commited too. It was just stressful. Now the initial craziness has passed by. I have no excuse to stall the inevitable, I need to shed the winter weight!!! I'm starting a cleansing diet this week. I'm already feeling the hunger pangs and I'm craving a juicy cheese burger :s I found my old diary where I log everything in it from personal thoughts to meal and exercise plans. I was on a low carb diet when I first started my weight loss program, last year, with my dietitian and started with 30min exercise and gradually increased it until I've reached a 2 hours a day exercising. I've also noticed I went on a weekly spa relaxation massages. Then it suddenly stopped when school started. I was so under a lot of stress and worried about my son's education and I lost my focus on the diet. However now I don't have any excuse! Except for my ankle which I sprained a couple of weeks ago and it's still uncomfortable to exercise on it. But I'm swimming until it heels and it is doing me good and I have rearranged my priorities and my schedule, so I hope by the end of April I will have good news to share with you.


  1. Best of luck dear, I've been telling myself since forever that I wanna pass to treat myself to sum geltato :/

  2. would be a pleasure!!! I hope you'll like it ;) and thank you...I really need all the luck I can get ;p