Friday, March 25, 2011

Dust Storm - Kuwait

So...we've all witnessed that scary sandstorm which hit the country
this afternoon. I was sitting reading with Abdulaziz when
I received a message from my cousin about the storm heading
our way ten minutes before it hit in our area...
In my living room I have large windows, it was Abdulaziz who noticed it
as it rushed in our direction... I grabbed my camera and snapped as fast as I can.
In matter of seconds everything went dark around us.
My living room was filled with dust which crept inside from the A/C
and my large windows. I took the boys into my room, strangely it is the
only room that was dust free. We spent the rest of the evening there.
45min after the storm hit,
I went back to the living room, it was covered with a thick layer
of dust! and more dust was coming in!
Moments later... it turned all dark and I could hardly see the
street the street outside. The cars passing by were barely visible.
That was seconds before bulk of the storm hit... I could
hardly make out those trees in matter of seconds!!! Dust covering my whole living room and my beloved books...
This is a dusty message from Abdulaziz...
I heart Kuwait!

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