Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Review - The Eagle

We wanted to take a short break and fly to Dubai this weekend and just relax on a movie and food fest for a couple of days, our plans were canceled when I woke up this morning finding Ahmed with the Chicken Pox, poor baby. Well mal7oga inshallah, my baby's welbeing is more important. So instead I booked for the Eagle which I wanted to see since I've heard about it few months ago.
The story takes place in 140 AD in a conqoured Britain by the Romans. Marcus Aquila gets stationed in Britain in hopes to restore his family's name and honor after being disgraced by the disappearance of his father Flavius Aquila and Romes golden emblem The Eagle with the 5000- strong Nineth Legion in the Northern territory of Caledonia (Scotland). After Marcus being discharged with honor because of wounds he aquired during a battle, he embarks on a quest with his slave Esca to find the golden Eagle and reinstate his family's reputation.
We enjoyed the movie. It wasn't that bad but not as good as I expected.
But it was good to just zone out for few hours.
I love Channing Tatum! one of my favorite actors.
So cute!!!
Hellloooo!!! Who is this Cutey Pie??? Remember the little scrawny Jamie Bell? He is all buff and hot ;p Right girls? Here is Jamie Bell in Billy Elliot... I loved that movie. Billy Elliot has an unexpected love of dance that helps him to overcome poverty and prejudice and achieve his dreams.

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