Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 and the Awful Truth!

2009 has been, in general, not the best of years and not the worst. 2009 had its good moments but the bad overwhelmed all, shadowing it with its darkness and negativity. Threads have been cut and others weaved. Old links terminated and new ones created. Some I was sorry to lose and others without a second thought. This is life as it goes on. However, there is a force in my life, which I couldn't until recently get rid of its negative power which pulled me down emotionally and mentally; sucking out the energy and life in me. I have wondered why it hasn't been severed a long time ago? With all that went on, with all the mental and emotional abuse. This link should have been cut and recut a thousand times, but I held on in hope that someday it would ease up on me. I would be something to this force. I would mean something to it. I had to learn it the hard way with the final blow. A blow which has drove me into depression and self doubt. Making me question whether I made the right choices in everything I did in my life. You see, this force is a part of my life, but never the decision maker. If it could, it would tell me when to breathe and when not. But I live my life on my own terms. The way I like it. Putting myself and my family first. To this force it is unacceptable and very nerving that it couldn't have power over me. It needs to make the decision for me. It needs to control my thoughts, my choices and life. It is the only way this force could thrive. The more I resist it the more aggressive and abusive it becomes. It is good at hitting a person in his/her moment of weakness, like the worst of poisonous snakes. When you're open and raw, it sees where it will hurt you the most and it strikes! And strikes! and strikes! Until you bleed, drowned in your uncertainties and questions if you were ever right in doing this or that, or are you wasting your time, and this force has always been right. The more vulnerable you become the more it hits you again and again, Bam! Bam! and the more you hurt the more it feels good about itself. Thus, driving me into the final act of self destruction. I woke up after a week of wallowing, wondering where I went wrong, and questioning the what ifs! But then it hit me, I did take some of "its" advice from time to time, and none of them were good or ended well. At one point, I ended on the brink of death, lying in the ER bleeding uncontrollably, while a nurse was yelling in near my ear, "Itshahdi ya Dalal." And I was dazed from loss of blood, not afraid of death, but cursing myself for listening to this force in the first place! I knew nothing good came out of these self absorbed advices. I might die now, without seeing my child just to please this force. No matter what I do it will never be pleased, because this force is never satisfied. I should never forget this bit of memory. It is a reminder that nothing good comes from this force's mouth. It lives in this bubble it created for itself shallow and limited. If you give it all the gold in the world or even your kidney, it is never enough and never good. It was time to sever this line. Some people don't understand why I did it? Some thinks I've exaggerated the whole situation. I've reached self-destruction. I've reached self-doubt. I even reached a point of harming those who mattered to me most. This isn't me, was never me. I'm a person who knows what she wants, positive and practical. I demand the same respect I give you. I have never questioned the decisions I've made in the past. I have never doubted myself. I have never been broken. When this force hits you, then remember me. Remember I never exaggerate, and I was right. I cut the lines. I severed it completely. I feel no emotion, no regard. Not even a memory. Even if I pass it in the street, it has become insignificant to me. I feel light in heart and spirit. The last three months of this year were looking up to me. They are good and promising next year, if God is willing, will be a good year for me, and my family. I Thank God for his blessings, giving me a husband who loves and respects me unconditionally and unquestionably and whom I love and respect unconditionally and unquestionably. He is my rock like I'm his pillar. I Thank God for my healthy boys and may he protect and bless them always. I Thank God for giving me a purpose to go on in this life. I Thank God for my lovely friends. May God bless us all! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yousef Al Alyan Journalism Prize 2009

Abdulaziz and a couple of his friends are part of a Private General Culture Education club, where they learn about everything, from arts to sciences and history. They learn what the teachers in school have no time or interest to teach them. Recently they've been reading a book called "Le Mur" by Angel Esteban and wrote a documentary report and recorded a short presentation about the book on their blog Radio LFK (La Radio de la Langue Française au Kowiet). Then their tutor M. Reda Bibi submitted the presentation to Yousef Al Alyan (RIP) First Journalism competition. The award ceremony was held at Crown Plaza Hotel and was presided by Kareema Yousef Al Alyan. The Honorary guest was Sheikh Fahad Salem Ali Al Sabah and other dignitaries.
We were sitting on edge waiting for their names to be called out and couldn't believe it when they did. They won second prize in the Primary school Journalism category. Of course Azoz made a show of it when he won. To him it's like winning the World Cup! And his father and I we're so proud of him and his friends!
This is a link to the small presentation they submitted,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shop Barbie By Chirstian Louboutin

The Queen of Dolls has arrived at with a collaboration with the King of Shoes Christian Louboutin!
She is in a black sleek Cat Burglar suit with four different signature red-soled Loubies! and she looks soooo Hot!
If you're still into Barbies... so hurry and get you one!

Friday Pasta

After a long day filled with activities in the cool weather, we came back home starving and wanting something warm and delicious to warm our tummies and soul :) So I made Pasta shells filled with Low fat Ricotta & Spinach placed on a bed of meat sauce topped with grated parmesan cheese then placed in the oven for 15min. YUM!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ivanka's Big Day

I always liked Ivanka. She is beautiful, driven and ambitious, but above all she is grounded. On her Big Day... she looks breathtaking!
The dress is Vera Wang, like Grace Kelly's dress. The Jewels from her own line of Jewelry.
I really wish her a happy prosperous life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where is KDD Chocolate Milk?

As we all heard, the KDD factory in Sab7an burned down, and it is rare to find your favorite products in the market, including what we use for our own products and bakeries. For the past two days, my staff has been scouring the market for certain ingredients produced only by KDD and we were obliged to switch to a different brand. But this isn't the problem! Mine and my family's favorite chocolate drink is KDD chocolate milk and so far I've been to three Co-ops, plus Sultan Center and they are out of it!!! I don't think I can survive this gorgeous weather without a KDD Hot Cocoa in the morning :(

I'm Totally into Totally Fish!

I've been having weird craving for fish lately and not the usual mutabak simach or marag simach…Nooo… I've been going gaga over Totally Fish and their new menu! So far this week I've eaten twice, once with Fahad at the restaurant, in this beautiful weather, and another time I ordered takeaway. It is pure Yumminess! And I'm planning to try everything on their new menu until this weird carving subsides!
Classic Shrimp Cocktail
Crab Gratin
New Orleans Fish and Chips
My Fish and Chips on a plate
(I really need to change my plates)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pasta Mania

After a long day of cycling in beautiful weather at Marina Crescent. My kids and I were starving. I wanted something different for them to eat. They protested when I chose Pasta Mania as lunch. They wanted MacDonald's. Don't get me wrong, I like MacD's and love to have a cheese burger or Chicken Gourmet every once in a while, but not all the time, and most times I try to convince my kids to eat something different. It was my first time to try Pasta Mania, because a friend didn't recommend it to me when it first opened. However on that day I wanted something the kids would eat. So I ordered two from each, pasta with Bolognese sauce and pasta with chicken and mushrooms in white creamy sauce. First they tasted better than I thought they would. Second my kids loved them. They had them for lunch and dinner. It was a good change from MacD's and BK.

Movie Night

For a while I wanted to do something for Azoz whose been nagging me about inviting his friends. I wanted to do something fun and interesting for them. Then I read on Ansam's blog about the movie night she had with her friends. I liked the idea and decided to organize a movie night. I had few movies I've ordered from Amazon France which I haven't played for my kids yet. I made Azoz decide which movie he wanted to watch with his friends and he chose Les Trois Brigands. I got some nachos and popcorn and I ordered a kid friendly dinner from MUNCH, which I highly recommend. The food arrived on time and it was simply delicious!! Kids and adults loved it! Oh Yes! I got them a dancing mat from Fantasy World which occupied them after the movie until dinner time. All in all they had a lot of fun!

The invitation card. I got it from Partyland.

The fun part about it was you have to assemble the card.

It was a funny animation movie based on a book the

kids read in first grade
Salty popcorn, Caramel popcorn and Nachos
On the side plastic cups with covers and straws for the juice
(I got the idea from Ansam's blog)
The huge TV Screen. I was playing Zorro until
all the kids arrived.
Popcorn boxes which the kids really loved.
Cesar Salad from MUNCH
Fries made by the cook at home
Pink Pasta from MUNCH... really loved it!
Pasta in White sauce and mushrooms from MUNCH
Mini pepperoni and margarita pizzas from MUNCH
Mini Burgers From MUNCH... which were delicious!
The only downside was I misplaced my camera and didn't take pictures of the dessert.
I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and brought the spaghetti machine
from Gelato Italiano and made spaghetti vanilla gelato with two kind of toppings of mini M&M and Oreo cookies, with chocolate or strawberry sauce.
Inshallah next time I take pictures of it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

When to dring your Water

Correct timing to take water, will maximize its effectiveness to Human body.
Two glass of water - After waking up - Helps activate internal organs
One glasses of water - 30 minutes before meal - Help digestion
One glass of water - Before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure
One glass of water - Before sleep - To avoid stroke or heart attack

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Way to go Zizou!

I love Zizou Zaidan and this vid is just so funny! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

عشر سنوات بين العبدلي وعبدالرحمن الفلاح

بعد السلام عشر سنوات بين العبدلي وعبدالرحمن الفلاح كتب عبدالمحسن الجارالله الخرافي : عندما تمشي في أرجاء العبدلي (صبيحة يوم الثلاثاء الماضي الموافق 3/11/2009) تكاد تسمع حفيف أشجارها «أين عبدالرحمن؟»، وتكاد ترى في نخيلها وأزهارها لسان حالها يتساءل «وين عبدالرحمن؟».لأنه في هذا التاريخ تكون قد مرت على وفاة العم عبدالرحمن حمد الفلاح، وهو من هو في تأسيس منطقة العبدلي الزراعية، عشر سنوات.. رحمه الله.صحيح أنه لم يكن أول من اتخذ مزرعة فيها، لكنه كان بنشاطه الحي وخدماته المبذولة تطوعيا للناس، كل الناس، من يعرف منهم ومن لا يعرف، عاملا مهما في سرعة استقرار الناس في مزارع العبدلي، حيث كان يحل مشكلاتهم ويعينهم في بدايات امرهم على تخطيط مزارعهم، بل واصلاح ما تعطل فيها من الاجهزة المستخدمة في الزراعة والري.وقبل الاستطراد في وصف شخصية المرحوم عبدالرحمن حمد الفلاح، دعني عزيزي القارئ وكعادتي اخيرا الق. الضوء على عائلة الفلاح بشكل عام.فعائلة الفلاح عائلة عريقة شاركت بقية العائلات الكويتية القديمة في بناء كويت الماضي برا وبحرا، فعلى مستوى البحر كانوا يملكون ويقودون كنواخذة عدة سفن شراعية للسفر التجاري على وجه الخصوص، فضلا عن سفينتين لنقل المياه العذبة من شط العرب، ليستفيدوا بالقليل منها ويوزعوا بقيتها على أهل الكويت، إما من جيرانهم أو من الفقراء بشكل عام. وأما برا فقد كانت لهم حملة حج تطوعية غير ربحية يحججون بها كثيرا من الذين لا يجدون ما ينفقون في الحج، واللطيف، بل العجيب في الوقت نفسه، أن قائد هذه الحملة وأمير الحج في الوقت نفسه هو فلاح محمد الفلاح الاعمى البصير، فهو كفيف العين مبصر القلب حتى كان يقود المبصرين ويرشدهم، ولايزال رجالات هذه العائلة الكريمة من المتميزين في الجوانب المختلفة من خدمة الوطن.عود على بدء، فإن سبب تميز المرحوم بإذن الله تعالى عبدالرحمن حمد الفلاح هو خدمته، بل تفانيه في خدمة اهل العبدلي، خصوصا المستجدين على المنطقة، وقد كان ذلك في بدايات تأسيس العبدلي، حين لم تكن الخدمات الكهربائية ولا الهاتفية ولا المائية متكاملة، حتى كان من الطريف أنه يتكرر وبشكل عادي أن يتصل عمال المزارعين ممن يعرف أو لا يعرف، ليشتكوا إليهم ان مضخة البئر الارتوازية لا تعمل، أو أن أي جهاز زراعي لا يعمل، فلا يحتار المزارع منهم، بل يحيلهم إلى عبدالرحمن الفلاح، فيتساءل العمال فيما بينهم حتى يجدوا رقم هاتفه من عماله، فيتصلون به ليحضر ويحل المشكلة قبل طلوع صباح اليوم التالي وبشكل تطوعي دائما، والمزارع في بيته بمدينة الكويت.ومع ذلك كان مثالا للتواضع والبساطة، خصوصا بين عماله الذين كان يعتبرهم أصدقاء في العمل وشركاء في المسؤولية، كما كان رحمه الله كريما ينطبق عليه المثل الشعبي: «اللي بيده موله» أي ان ما كان بيده ليس له، بل للمحتاج، وليس هذا بغريب على سليل أسرة كريمة كان ديوانها في منطقة القبلة مفتوحا بعد الصلوات الخمس، أي على مدار الساعة تقدم فيه الوجبات الثلاث للضيوف، وعابري السبيل حتى سميت «سدّاحة الفلاح» لأن الناس ينامون فيها.لقد بكاه الجميع صغارا وكبارا، بل بكته العبدلي عندما افتقدت فزعته وعونه وسنده المعنوي والمادي لكل اهل العبدلي الذين احتاجوه يوما من الايام، فما تأخر عنهم لحظة واستمر على نمطه ابنه الوفي، فهو حتى شغلته طبيعة عمله.كيف لا يكون الوفاء له منهم، وقد كان يعتبر نفسه أخا لهم، مهما كانت فوارق السن، وخير مثال على ذلك رفيق دربه في العبدلي منذ البدايات رغم الفارق الزمني في العمر، وهو الاخ المزارع بجاد البطي، مآثر كثيرة له في ذاته، وبصمات عديدة له على العبدلي، حتى اعتبرتها له خدمة وطنية ساهمت في تثبيت الحدود الشمالية للكويت، ولذلك يفهم من يزور العبدلي ويصلها من شارعها الرئيسي، لماذا سمي هذا الشارع باسم «عبدالرحمن الفلاح»، رحمه الله رحمة واسعة، وأسكنه فسيح جناته، وأبدله بمزارع العبدلي رياض الجنة برحمته وجوده.* * *• في المقال المقبل إن شاء الله سننتقل من رياض الزرع إلى رياض القلب والطب.. مع شخصية الراحل بالأمس الاول د. عصام الشربيني.
د. عبدالمحسن الجارالله الخرافيmailto:الخرافي
من جريدة القبس

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flavor Suggestions

We want your ideas and suggestions in coming up with new inventive flavors for the winter Season.
We will try them and if they do work. We will name the flavor after the person who suggested it ;)
So come on people!!! Don't hesitate and share your idea with us ;)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old Logo

The other evening I was at the Gelato Italiano factory working on the Pumpkin Gelato and carving Pumpkins with John, our Chef when I noticed an old freezer brought out from the store room with the old Gelato Italiano Logo, and Gelato is misspelled! Hehehe the good ol'days ;p

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumkin Gelato!

Finally after two weeks of testing, we got our Pumpkin Gelato. Yes my friends, we have a base recipe for all our gelato however in the end it depends on what we add with it. Does it need more sugar, or a little more spice? Maybe some more milk or more of the Pumpkin… and it goes on and on until we get it right, well... until late last night we got it right, and the same goes with most flavors when we make them for the first time. Pumpkin Gelato is not for all preferences. But Hey! We have over 80 flavors to satisfy all taste buds. So pass by this evening or this weekend and give Pumpkin Gelato a try. Gelato Italiano - Ahmed Al Jaber st. - Gaz Tower Tel. 22434434

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where can I get this?

I am soooo in love with this Bicycle from Schwinn!!!
The question is "Can we get it here in Kuwait & Where?"
I hope it is available here in K-Town! I don't think I can wait for an order!
Every year I tell myself that I will buy me a bike and get active with the kids when the weather gets cooler. And every year passes without doing it! This year is going to be different! I want to break the humdrum of my life. I used to be very active before I had Hamada, and full of energy... now...well I turned into a sad case!! It is crucial we get active in this time of illnesses and diseases!
Out door activity is the best way! There is nothing better than Sun and Fresh Air.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Risotto!

I'm tired, stressed, sleep deprived and very very hungry! I've been rushing to appointments with Chefs from other restaurants, and to doctor appointments for the boys. Then I'm worrying about Azoz missing a lot in class because of his absence, and worrying about new flavors I ordered because the delivery is late, and I'm worrying about the chicken nuggets! I asked the maid to make some now as I'm typing this post, I'm worrying about whether she will burn them again or not! (Yep! She did burn them!) The lunch the cook prepared doesn’t sound that appealing anymore. I want restaurant food, but I don't want to wait for it by ordering in. I want to eat out, but then it is out of the question because the cook made Mutabag Balool, so Fahad won't be joining me and most of my friends who are working don't get out of work until 2.30 – 3.00 pm.
Risotto covered in butter and cooked for few minutes until
grain color change.
Simmering in wine. I use Fre.
Saffron, unfortunately not the best qaulity I own.
I have missplaced the good ones
Chicken broth
Risotto simmering in broth
Finally add the remaining butter, Parmesan cheese
and saffron water
My only course of action was to make something. I check my pantry and the fridge, and they are both partially empty. I really have to make time for grocery shopping tomorrow. Bien, bon, bref! The ingrediants for a Milanese Risotto are available and it is my comfort food which I really need to distress. 2 good pinches of saffron threads soaked in 3-4 Tbs of boiling water. 1 large onion, chopped finely 2 garlic cloves crushed 100g of butter 1 2/3 cup of Arborio rice 2/3 cup of white wine 5 cups of boiling stock (I used 2 low salt Maggie chicken stock cubes mixed them with the boiling water) 3/4 cup of parmesan cheese ** Quick tips: Sometimes I add sliced button mushrooms, or chicken cut in small chunks and cooked before the frying the onions, then added with the chicken broth. - Fry onions and garlic with 50g of butter until soft but not colored, then add the rice and continue to cook for few minutes until all grains are coated in oil and begin to color lightly. - Add wine to the rice and simmer gently, stirring from time to time until it is all absorbed. - Add the boiling stock a little at a time about 2/3 cup, cooking until the liquid is absorbed before adding more, and stirring frequently. - When all the stock is absorbed the rice should be tender but not soft and soggy. Add the saffron liquid, Parmesan, remaining butter.
Finally! I had my risotto with breaded veal and steamed
vegetables which the cook made knowing I don't like
home made fish.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Visit to Johnny Rockets!

My burger cut in half against my precise request
The Best Onion Rings! Johnny Rockets...what can I say about them? It is my favorite burger place in K-town and I go there at least every other weekend and if I don't go we order in... Anyway, on that particular weekend we decided to take the kids since they love sitting over at the counter and eat their burgers or chicken tenders. However the waiter who assisted us wasn't the best they've got. He was in a hurry, as if he had a record to break in serving customers, or he'll get a bonus if he took orders from every single table. (It reminded me of my banking days at NBK when I started as a Teller, with every cash deposit or withdrawal we get fifty fils out of every transaction... of course there those who wanted all the cash transactions so they can get more money!) The mistakes he did was: He didn't listen to me. He was writing the order on his pad and looking over his shoulder, and it wasn't crowded at that time, so what was he worrying about? I asked for my burger not to be cut, and they brought it cut in half. I asked for chocolate shakes for the kids, but to be served after the meal. They brought the shakes before their meals! and I asked for a shake for myself and it was never brought!!! I was very displeased with the shakes being served for the kids and when I told him so he rolled his eyes impatiently at me and sent another waitress to serve us. After what??? The kids ended drinking the shakes without eating their burgers and I had my burger without my shake!!! Since I love Johnny Rockets so much I will go to it again and again! If that waiter comes to me I will send him away asking for another person to take my order.

A Fact you didn't Know...

Maybe some of you know but most of you do not know that at Gelato Italiano we have Bo'9a (Arabic ice cream) line since 2003 and it is sold only in our Hawalli shop. It is very delicious and very popular among our Hawalli clients. We also make Arabic ice cream rolls with 3-4 flavors in the roll. Remember to call check if there is any available because they finish very quickly, and you can always custom make your own roll ;)
Gelato Italiano Hawalli Shop
Bierut St. Next to Al Buhsali