Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Fact you didn't Know...

Maybe some of you know but most of you do not know that at Gelato Italiano we have Bo'9a (Arabic ice cream) line since 2003 and it is sold only in our Hawalli shop. It is very delicious and very popular among our Hawalli clients. We also make Arabic ice cream rolls with 3-4 flavors in the roll. Remember to call check if there is any available because they finish very quickly, and you can always custom make your own roll ;)
Gelato Italiano Hawalli Shop
Bierut St. Next to Al Buhsali


  1. i love gelato its like sorbet !! anything thats like ice cream is super kewl!! :)
    is this place named as bakdash Alsham??

  2. No. It is Gelato Italiano. But we have an Arbaic Bo'9a line in the Hawalli shop.
    Did you try Gelato Italiano at Ahmed AlJaber st. Gaz Tower?
    We have a group on Facebook :)
    Check it out and join us :)