Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breakfast @cocoaroom

In my home breakfast is the main meal...
We love to indulge and we love to eat at places where they serve delicious hearty meals and the cocoa room is the place to go on a cloudy cold morning.

I love this tiny detail on the table, a lemon pierced with cloves to ward off the flys and it works!

iPad with pictures for the kids ;p no!
Nothing sweet before you have your eggs boy!

Mama stop it!

So we started with Manousha half Zaatar half Cheese...
It was thin, crispy and just the way I like it.
The staff we're really friendly and the service very good.
When I go to restaurants I love the music when it's tuned on low, not too loud but you can still hear  and enjoy it and have a  conversation with the people with you.
I loved their music selection... an eclectic collection with some oldies which I play at home and the boys know very well... Abdulaziz started dancing on "Dance like an Egyptian" by the bangles ;D

I came today for this! Egg Benedict with shredded
beef on a piece of muffin.
 It is one of my favorite on their menu!

Abdulaziz & Ahmed shared an omelet
with cheese and mushrooms.

Fahad had and omelet with veggies and pita bread.

Again the boys shared French Toast stuffed with Nutella

Nutella was oozing out on the plate as we cut through it!

Fahad and I shared brownies pancakes... So yummy but the portion was too big... I couldn't finish mine.
We took the rest to go.

From another angle! After you eat this you need to walk for three hours and fast for the next two days! ;p ...
no really I loved it!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FitFootball Fitness Technique Fun

Play football & get fit!
for youth & kids

Fit-football new winter break offer, get your
kids to experience training like the pro's,
play competitive matches
& most importantly maintain
their fitness with fun skills
& development training sessions


An organized program to get fit, and increase your football skills
with a certified coach, a field and team members for all of you
who love to play football wants to get fit & simply have fun

Training program entails
Warm ups, stretching and football training as well as
friendly matches between team members, games and more
for men, women & kids

Corner Indoor Fields Behind
the Aqua Park the only indoor
field in Kuwait

I was planing to take the boys there today but woke up sick this morning :(
But will do very soon inshallah ;)

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Magic Skies

Every morning I wake up to gorgeous skies. Instagram & Twitter are filled by pictures snapped by the people I follow.
And like the rest I can't help snapping pictures. Enjoy them.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thank You @zainkuwait

Thank you @zainkuwait for this very creative invitation for your BBQ. Inshallah I'll try my best to come.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lunch at The Butcher's Den

It was a lazy Friday. No definite plans. We just wanted a quiet family day with good food and then taking the boys to play.
The only thing definite was we wanted to try out The Butchers Den.
It was a first for us. I read so many reviews about the place in the past I thought now was a good time to try it out, and with the cool weather we wanted something hearty to fill us up ;p

Loved the cotton candy. It was so light and whispy.

The boys had a great time turning around in their chairs. It was distracting for us. I could hardly concentrate on the menu and taking proper pictures, and i was afraid they're annoying other diners.

Oh! My! God!!! The sugar rush this boy had!!!

Appetizers: shrimp cocktail. Attacked before I managed to snap a pic.

Parsnip chips. Sweet & Salty. Very yummy! Abdulaziz says it tasted like doughnuts.

I loved the risotto. I ordered for myself but the boys liked it so much they had some of it too. Next time I will not share!

Cream onions & Spinach Quiche. Loved it! And so did the boys who also finished it. Yep! Next time I'm not taking them with me!

Oh! The knives! I love sharp knives!

Which color do you think I chose?

Ahmed ordered the Lasagna.

How is it Ahmed? Thumbs up! He loved it!

Abdulaziz had the burgers. I tried some and it was really good. I might order it again the next time I go there.

Fahad and I ordered the Organic Fillets. We asked for a medium well. Tender, Pink from the inside and very juicy.

Mushroom sauce & creamy mash with onion rings. I loved both.

Even the veggies tasted good.

Passion fruit glaze & raspberry sauce which I ordered out of curiosity. They were not bad but not a favorite.

Ahmed having a deep conversation with one of the staff on the difference between cows and sheep. In his humble opinion, Lamb is the better meat because the lambs are softer :)

The waiter told us the ice cream was made by them so we had to try it. I liked the vanilla and Dulce de Lech. The chocolate was a bit too light to my taste.

Aaaaah! The brownies!!!! Killer!!! Loved it!! The boys had such a high they could hardly sit still in the car!

Overall the whole experience was very good. The staff were very friendly and the food was good. I loved the risotto and the potato mash which I will order the next time I go there, or maybe the burgers. Or try something totally new. So many choices :D
If you haven't tried it yet, then don't miss out!

The Butchers Den
Tel. 22263140

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