Friday, December 14, 2012

Lunch at The Butcher's Den

It was a lazy Friday. No definite plans. We just wanted a quiet family day with good food and then taking the boys to play.
The only thing definite was we wanted to try out The Butchers Den.
It was a first for us. I read so many reviews about the place in the past I thought now was a good time to try it out, and with the cool weather we wanted something hearty to fill us up ;p

Loved the cotton candy. It was so light and whispy.

The boys had a great time turning around in their chairs. It was distracting for us. I could hardly concentrate on the menu and taking proper pictures, and i was afraid they're annoying other diners.

Oh! My! God!!! The sugar rush this boy had!!!

Appetizers: shrimp cocktail. Attacked before I managed to snap a pic.

Parsnip chips. Sweet & Salty. Very yummy! Abdulaziz says it tasted like doughnuts.

I loved the risotto. I ordered for myself but the boys liked it so much they had some of it too. Next time I will not share!

Cream onions & Spinach Quiche. Loved it! And so did the boys who also finished it. Yep! Next time I'm not taking them with me!

Oh! The knives! I love sharp knives!

Which color do you think I chose?

Ahmed ordered the Lasagna.

How is it Ahmed? Thumbs up! He loved it!

Abdulaziz had the burgers. I tried some and it was really good. I might order it again the next time I go there.

Fahad and I ordered the Organic Fillets. We asked for a medium well. Tender, Pink from the inside and very juicy.

Mushroom sauce & creamy mash with onion rings. I loved both.

Even the veggies tasted good.

Passion fruit glaze & raspberry sauce which I ordered out of curiosity. They were not bad but not a favorite.

Ahmed having a deep conversation with one of the staff on the difference between cows and sheep. In his humble opinion, Lamb is the better meat because the lambs are softer :)

The waiter told us the ice cream was made by them so we had to try it. I liked the vanilla and Dulce de Lech. The chocolate was a bit too light to my taste.

Aaaaah! The brownies!!!! Killer!!! Loved it!! The boys had such a high they could hardly sit still in the car!

Overall the whole experience was very good. The staff were very friendly and the food was good. I loved the risotto and the potato mash which I will order the next time I go there, or maybe the burgers. Or try something totally new. So many choices :D
If you haven't tried it yet, then don't miss out!

The Butchers Den
Tel. 22263140

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