Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breakfast @cocoaroom

In my home breakfast is the main meal...
We love to indulge and we love to eat at places where they serve delicious hearty meals and the cocoa room is the place to go on a cloudy cold morning.

I love this tiny detail on the table, a lemon pierced with cloves to ward off the flys and it works!

iPad with pictures for the kids ;p no!
Nothing sweet before you have your eggs boy!

Mama stop it!

So we started with Manousha half Zaatar half Cheese...
It was thin, crispy and just the way I like it.
The staff we're really friendly and the service very good.
When I go to restaurants I love the music when it's tuned on low, not too loud but you can still hear  and enjoy it and have a  conversation with the people with you.
I loved their music selection... an eclectic collection with some oldies which I play at home and the boys know very well... Abdulaziz started dancing on "Dance like an Egyptian" by the bangles ;D

I came today for this! Egg Benedict with shredded
beef on a piece of muffin.
 It is one of my favorite on their menu!

Abdulaziz & Ahmed shared an omelet
with cheese and mushrooms.

Fahad had and omelet with veggies and pita bread.

Again the boys shared French Toast stuffed with Nutella

Nutella was oozing out on the plate as we cut through it!

Fahad and I shared brownies pancakes... So yummy but the portion was too big... I couldn't finish mine.
We took the rest to go.

From another angle! After you eat this you need to walk for three hours and fast for the next two days! ;p ...
no really I loved it!

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