Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is that?

Ma39ooma... I love you, love your brilliant mind, but
I'm wondering about this gesture you're it a parliamentary Time Out...
or is it "7ara"?
The world will see this picture and what would they think??
"Ya7lailhom 7areem AlKuwait, AlNa2bat alFathelat!!! Still using these antiquated & ignorant gestures."
I hope I'm wrong and its a Time Out ;p

Jesse James Yal 3amay!!!

Michelle Mcgee James you need to get your eyes fixed!!! You cheat on Sandra with her!!!! HER!!!! 9ij 3amay oo 3adeem althouq!!! Jad Wai3!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Member Of the Family

I proudly present you Yazeed, my new nephew!
I'll have some more pictures when he is born ;)

Spa Time Again!

So I went again to Spa Time with my two friends
Profound Somsom & Genuine Shosho.
I was hoping after a long day and a stressful afternoon
studying with Abdulaziz for his history test, I'd zone out
and relax with one of their beautiful massages.
I decided to try something new,
so I chose the Heat Herbal compress massage.
Just let me tell you it was BRUTAL! I highly unrecommend it!
I asked the masseuse to be a little gentle, either she didn't understand or
her mind was set on being rough!
Instead of relaxing, I was more tense and on edge. I couldn't go to sleep
because I ached everywhere, and this morning I can't move my
shoulders without wincing in pain!
I should have stuck to what I know!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Favorite Snack!

A favorite Snack!!
Isn't he delicious! Yum! ...mmm I ment the snack ;p
My kids, like all hyper active hanging on the curtains monkey kids, love to snack. So I try to mix the good and the not so very bad kind of snacks for them. Among, which, I consider the good, is Kiri's mini grissini and cheese snacks. They love it! I love it! and sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey, or cut some cucumbers and carrots on the side for them to dip in along with the grissini, and since both are very competitive, I make a competition on who eats the most carrots and cucumbers ;) When it is out of stock at Sultan, it's because of me! I buy all that I can find on the counter ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Le Concert

I love French Movies!!! I was browsing through Amazon France for books and movies when I found this new movie which won a Cesar! Actually I think its a collobration between French & Russians and it looks hilarious! I dropped in my basket and inshallah as soon as I get to watch it I will write a review about it ;)

Chicken Leek Lasagna - Friday Pasta

I did this a couple of weekends ago. Fahad wanted chicken, and I remembered a pasta we used to have when I was a child. However were out since morning for work and by the time I got home I was exhausted. I did it but took few short cuts ;)
This pasta consists of Lasagna, filled with skinless chicken breast cut in cubes, leeks and corn. As sauce I used Ragu's Lasagna sauce and as a topping I used Maggie's Bachamel sauce and mozzarella cheese. It turned out soo good! Fahad loved it, the kids couldn't have enough of it and I liked it too, because it was light. It was quick and easy to make ;)

Makeup Studio

Since I'm attending my first wedding party in three years!!! 7adi em'3abra! I decided to give the Ladies, Zainab Al Mehanna & Bibi Marafie, from Makeup Studio a try. They were our neighbors at P2BK, very sweet and welcoming. I took my appointment, I think, on the last day of the event. They sent me a reminder a day before the appointed day, which was very kind of them to confirm with me. After doing my hair, which I wasn't too happy about, I headed to their studio which is situated in their home basement, a very spacious room still being set, in metalic pink and silver wallpaper. The makeup chairs were up, a table filled with makeup boxes was set in the middle. I really wanted to go through them, bas mabi a36eehom en6ba3 enni mashfoo7 ;p Zainab was the one my appointment with. She was applying for a customer when I arrived, I was early. We reminisced about the expo and how positive the event was for our businesses. After putting me at my ease she asked me what kind of style I had in mind and what was the colors of my dress, before she set to work her magic on my face ;p I went for smoky eyes, since the eyes is the focal point on the face. It's been a while since I put that much make up! So I was a bit taken aback when I took my first look. But after going back home, dressing up and wearing my bling blings I looked GOOD! Well except for the hair which, as the evening wore off, turned into a spaghetti mess :s So the ladies at Makeup studio are a must try! If you are interested, ladies, send me a private massage and I'll email you their contacts.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Tidbits Here and There

Me Time at Spa Time!!!

So after the craziness of March, we come to a close, hopefully April will be calmer. I earned few hours of pampering and rest. So I booked a couple hours of indulgence at Spa Time, Muhalab. I haven't been there for awhile and I just missed it! I missed how addicted I am to it. I had the Exotic Lemon and Ginger glow with a 1 hour massage where I literarily snored! It was pure bliss!

Note to self: More Me Time in the upcoming months

Quarrel I overheard While heading back to my car, I stood for a moment browsing the window at Nine West. I heard two girls, sounding very much like tenhwe9 7alima Poland, arguing. "Laish 3a6aiti raqmi?" Number 1 said. "Eshfeeha? Entay et3arfeen 6areq mo '3areeb 3alaich." Number 2 replied. "7eta lo. Ma twaz3een raqmi 3ala shabab." Number 1 insisted. "Yeba bas '7ala9 lawa3tay chabdi! oo estsameen nafsich refeejti?" Number 2 snapped. I turn to have a look at the two girls and one of them storms off. "Bas '7ala9 ta3ali!" and the other follows her. Since eni dasha 3arth 3ala al conversation between them. I didn't know what it was really about except one of the girls etwaze3 the number of her friend to boys. Number 1 is a door mat!

My LBB (Little Black Book)

I keep a diary, where I write everything in it, from reminders and plans, to do lists, and emotions when I'm in one of my bad moods. It is a little moleskin brand black note book and it drives Fahad crazy when he finds me so engrossed into it. He wants to know what I'm writing in it. To make matters worse I keep it in places where he can see it. Even if he opens it, he can't read my handwriting. It is horrible and cursive. I like torturing him ;p Bragging! I deserve to brag a little, after standing endless hours on high torturous heels and keeping an unwavering smile on my face. I really deserve to brag! My friend Alia calls me the other evening to congratulate me on the work we made at P2BK. She tells me her friends won't stop raving about our gelato and the flavors are incredible and fresh! And what a wonderful and charming person I am ;p (I know… mada7 nafsa yabeela rafsa ;p) I remembered her friends when she mentioned their names to me. They had their own booth at P2Bk, but it didn't stop them from coming for a break at Gelato Italiano. I highly apreciaate it! And Alouya you made my day! :*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm in the Mood For Love

I had to post this before I turn in for bed ;) What's better than love? Yes?

Vampire Diaries

A few months after their parents are killed in a tragic car accident, Elena Gilbert and her brother, Jeremy, are trying to come to terms with their grief. For Elena, formerly popular and involved with school and her friends, it's a struggle to hide her sadness from the world. She finds herself drawn to a handsome and mysterious new student, Stefan, unaware that he is a centuries-old vampire doing his best to live peacefully among humans. His brother, Damon, however, is the embodiment of vampire stereotypes, including violence and brutality, and the two brothers wage a war for the souls of Elena and everyone else in her small Virginia town. Based on the series of novels by L.J. Smith.
My Take:
Ok...Let me start by saying that I love Vampires! I love books about them. I started reading them in my tweens. I love watching shows about them and I look forward to every movie being released about them. I love the paranormal in general. My favorite shows in that genre are of course Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, True Blood (Read all the books before watching the series and it stays true to the plot, and very raunchy in a way, but I still liked it.) and many more. Then I hear and read reviews about Vampire Diaries and all the rave about it, and some said it is the #1 show in the US. Pleeeaaassseeee! Yes the actors are beautiful and hot! Yes, it is yet another teen story. Half the time, Paul Wesley who plays Stephan, is brooding and grunting the whole time, trying his utmost best to look mysterious, without interesting lines for him to utter to make the series acceptable. The script is full of whinning girls and half written plot lines. The characters are sperficial and I found myself yawning!!! YAWN!
However, Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, is amazing. I love his evil character. He is evil and layered and full of issues, no remorse or regret and the way his eyes shines before he does something outrageous, like killing pathetic humans, keeps me on edge! I had to stop watching it for few days during P2BK, but last night I stayed up until 4am watching the last 4 episodes left, which made me unfunctional this morning. Then I discover there is another 4 episodes left in the series. The series plot lines were getting a bit interesting at the end. But I doubt it would ever have the "WOW" factor in my book like True Blood. I give it a 6/10.
If the producers have picked The Blackdagger Brotherhood, they might have won audiences from both sexes. At least this searies is filled with action and hot romance!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Only The Best For Me...Only Kakao!!!

I love Chocolate. I'm a confessed chocoholic, and my chubby cheeks attest to it. I love the best, and only demand the best. I'm very picky when it comes to chocolate. I don't eat any chocolates or the ones sold at super markets. I love gourmet and quality. There is few which I can count on my five finger, at the most three places, which I think are the best. Kakao the one and only. Kakao… the original brand, is one of the three. They are "MURDER" in a very very good way. You take a bite of their delicious chocolates and you are hooked for life. It is an addiction. It is a love affair. My personal favorites are The Pistachio Fudge and the Turtle. Fahad loves the Pistachio Fudge, we fought over the last piece the other day, WWF style ;p My kids love the oreo clusters, and there are many more I have yet to try. Kakao is a family owned and operated business that specializes in gourmet handmade dipped chocolates, confections and desserts. I love you guys oo 3asa allah la yefargkom :*** They have my complete admiration, because they only present the best quality product and they are full of delicious ideas. I love their packaging. I love their arrangements for occasions, elegant and chic. They are simply one of the best and I can't say more than that because you have to try and judge it for yourself.
Their Booth at P2BK.
Elegant Packaging ideal for gifting or just treating
yourself to something delicious!
That is one of my favorite arrangements.
It was made for last Ramadan.
Mother's Day arrangement
At P2BK, I went to their booth and got me a selection of
Oreo clusters, Raspberry Cheese Cake, Pistachio Fudge & Turtle. I was
given a discount ;p Something Mr. Abdulrazag doesn't usually give ;) Naaah
Joking! He gave me the Super Duper Discount!!!
By the time I was back home I was so tired and hungry, so I attacked
the chocolate boxes. Yep! my diet went South! But it was worth every
delicious bite!
Oreo Clusters

Raspberry Cheese Cake

My breakfast buddies... Qurs 3gaili dipped in chocolate
When I'm in a hurry, I grab my coffee and a couple of these
yummy mini cakes and I'm good to go!
Facebook Group!/group.php?gid=18587499986

Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Votes Please!

The Gentlemen at Your Art, were kind enough to bear with me and my pickiness in transforming these creative portraits for Abdulaziz and Ahmed. The pictures were taken by the talented Ghanima Al Falah and I sent them to Your Art to transform them for me. Now I am at a loss. They are all good, but I want one for the family home. So my dear friends help me chose one that will steal the spotlights at the family home ;)
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Sunday, March 21, 2010

See What I Got For Mother's Day

This is my life... This is my joy! Abdulaziz made me a beautiful painted jar at school for Mother's Day, with a beautiful card written inside it a beautiful poem. It is worth a thousand expensive gifts!
These are the first lines:
Bien sur, maman, je veux t'ofrir oh, tout ce qui peut te fair plaisir
Naturellement, pas des tresor, non, mais de gros efforts.

My Mood

Belle (Garou, Daniel, Patrick) This is a very sexy song ;)

I Totally Love Totally Fish!

For the past week Fahad and I didn't have a proper meal. I was craving fish!! and since "ana metnasiya" the fish prepared by our cook John (it is really good, but I just can't eat it)...the only fish I have is at restaurants or from my parents home. The weather was amazing yesterday and the kids were away at their grandparents home. I was at a meeting and starving so I send a message to Fahad back at the office. "Do you want to eat out?" "Ok. Where?" "Totally Fish?" "Fine, Pick you at 1." Yaaaay! Meeting done! I head back home and he picks me up. We go to Totally Fish at Marina Crescent. I just love it there. It reminds me of my youth when we vacation in Dauville, a seaside resort in France, lined with seafood restaurants on the beach. So Fahad and I share a shrimp Cesar salad. He orders the Surf and Turf, Lobster and Steak with a side of corn cobs and baked potato which he switched for regular fries. I got to taste the stake it was delicious and tender filled with flavor. I ordered the Pomfret Sweet and Sour and Batata Harra. I didn't want my fish to finish. The food was amazing and delicious. The weather was incredible, the staff very friendly. The manager brought us burned coffee beans which chased away the flies but we ended smelling like burned coal in a "Dewah".
I took the pics with my mobile and I apologize for the quality in advance.
Shrimp Cesar Salad
Pomfret Sweet & Sour
It was soo good I had to take another picture
Surf & Turf, Steak and Lobster with a side of
fries and corn cobs.
Batata Harra very delish!


I keep on playing it over and over! Sooo Funny!

P2BK Buzz! Part 4

You have to be there. You have to stand in the middle and take it all in. Feel the buzz and excitement tickling all over you.
Great Performances during the three days of the event.
I'm sorry I can't recall this young Gentleman's name but
he was amazing! Also amazing performance by Hasan Karam.
Unfortunately I don't have a clear picture of him and can't post it
but he was amazing!!!
And there was Stage Group incredible!
14M also very good! Wish you all the best of the best!
Capital District! Love love their work! and
the Booth was amazing!
These Gentlemen are amazing! But they do not
do birthday parties. However I'm going to have
them for my wedding anniversary party etha alla a7yana inshallah!
Sheikh Ahmed Fahad Al Ahmed AlSabah. During the closing ceremony.
BulBul!!!! I was told he was going to the closing ceremony
I wanted him for our Wedding anniversary party which we had
to cancel this year because of the load of work and my wish
came true during that evening! Thank You Dhari!
Nabeel Sh3ail and Bashar AlShatti
They were amazing

The young Dancers were cute!

Again we Thank you all for being there. We Thank Dhari AlWazzan and P2BK Team for their great effort and kinds. It was amazing and fun! and hope to participate next year etha allah a7yana inshallah.

P2BK Buzz! Part 3

Cookie Pops! Yum!!
I'm soo going to have these people next year! :)
Del Sol! Great Place for your kids.
Abdulaziz attended their program last year. Za3tar Express! I just love love love it! Very delicious fresh and made with lots of love! You have to be there. You have to stand in the middle and take it all in. Feel the buzz and excitement tickling all over you.