Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!

Happy March Everyone! Time to shed the winter layers and start the spring cleaning! And getting ready for the loooong hot summer! Can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss summer. Well this month is going to be a little crazy, filled with many events! Events on a personal and business level! Let's start with the personal. This month, 6th March, will commemorate our 10th year anniversary. Yep! 10 years of marriage! YAY! Oo 3asa allah yedomha 3alaina ya bo 3azoz. On the same day which marks our 10th year, I'm participating in a walkathon for a very good cause, spreading awareness about Autism. I always wanted to participate in some kind of athletic event and I always tell myself next year. It is the first time I set to actually participate, and I'm dragging Abdualziz and his friend Yousef along with me. Who knows I might start training for a triathlon! So are we going to party? I wanted a party but with all the events we have this month, we're putting the idea aside, maybe next year, to mark the end of our 10th year and the beginning of a new decade. What I want, and the idea has really settled in my head, is a family portrait. I've realized that we don't have a family portrait of any kind. I don't want any kind of portrait. I want a portrait like it's been out of a magazine cover. So does anyone knows people who could do this for us? This is how I wanted to celebrate our 10th year anniversary! ;p Next year inshallah etha allah a7yana ;) On a business level, Gelato Italiano is participating in PLANETKUW8 exhibition from the 4-6 of March, then in Proud 2 Be Kuwaiti exhibition from 17-19 March. So I hope to see you there! The Gelato Italiano project should be done and ready by the end of March and launched at the beginning of April which marks the beginning of our business high season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it's my baby project.


  1. allah eykhalekom 7ag ba3ath inshallah

  2. oh!! ur there too in PlanetKuw8 expo...then we shall meet for sure... :) hope u'll have the gelato bonbon's :)

  3. ba6alah...Thank you :)

    B&D... Yep PlanetKuw8 and inshallah PBK sure inshallah we will meet. :)