Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Lunch mmmmm!

So when we gather en famille for lunch and the main dish "Machboos" is going to be meat
then the rest of the table is going to be filled with meat dishes.
If it is going to be chicken then it's going to be filled with chicken dishes.
If it's going to be "Mu6abag Simach" fish..
Then you bet, the table is going to be filled with seafood.
This week is the turn for MEAT!
Family lunch!
Machboos La7am (Meat) with Faga3 (Truffles) Machboos with Fage3 (Truffles) YUM!!!
I only ate the Truffles ;)
My Kids favorite, Greeen Pasta made with spinach, mushrooms
carrots, cheese and cream.
Next to it is meatballs curry, also very good.
Meat Kebab from Kabab Al Hija Beside it is meat with pruns, my favorite.
Kubba something...can't remember the name.

A side of Fries and Wedges. And that little bowl on the left side

is the salad :s who would think of Salad with all this yummy food?


  1. mashallah it's really looks Delicious !

  2. OMG!! thats like super kewl ..i heart Machboos!!! :) i sure i wouldnt think of salad in between all these yummylicious food!!

  3. inshalla dayman metjam3een 3al afra7 :-) Next time 3izmeeni :-P

  4. YUM YUM YUM!! 3alaikom bl 3afyaaa!!! itwanseen itshaj3een 3al bal3aaa;D

  5. Somsom... afa 3alaich! inshallah I'll try to organize something.

    lemon-aid...kent a7eb elbal3a, but since I started dieting I don't eat that much. et7ooshni 7alat jenoon but not that much. However if you visit I love to cook for you. ;ppp