Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Kinda Music

My kind of Music ;) Love Metallica :) I'm a Rocker at heart :)


  1. ow great.. i didnt know that u love rock :D
    i posted this song long time ago.. its one of my favorite ever.
    this is a special editon in a concert where they played with san fransisco symphony orchestra.
    here is another old post of mine u may enjoy :)

    and this is my favorite group

    and try to listen to def leppard songs.. u will love them.

    take care dear :)

  2. Love Rock ;) I'm just missing a leather jacket and Harley ;ppp If only Fahad lets me :)
    Actually I got into Rock when I was in Highschool. a classmate was very much into this kind of music and playing it all the time.