Friday, February 19, 2010

The Early Bird Jabriya

This morning I went to the Early Bird Jabriya with my wonderful friends Genuine Shosho and Profound Somsom. I arrived first. I waited twenty minutes in the searing sun until a table was cleared inside. Actually the table cleared when Somsom arrived. Maybe she is my good luck charm? But then, a bigger table cleared when Shosho arrived, Yay! I have double good luck charms! So we scooted over to the bigger table. From now and on I'm taking them with me everywhere. I know I've sidetracked as usually. Back to the Early Bird. The place was small. Four tables inside, and six tables outside. I arrived around 9.30 Mashallah the place was filled and there were already people waiting for tables. I guess a couple of weeks from now, and if the weather continues to warm up at this rate, I doubt anyone wants to stay out. My friends ordered American Coffee. I had a Skimmed Latte.
Strawberry Pancakes
Hash Brown with Sausage Fruits with Muesli & Yogurt
Monto Cristo
My order, Bite Size French Toast with yogurt maple syrup,
Which I loved sooo much!
My friends shared some of their food and they were all delicious! The staff were friendly and the place was very cozy. There was a mix up with the check at the end, apparently we paid for the breakfast of the young doctors who were sitting next to us. But it was all resolved with a laugh and in good grace.


  1. YAY! I like profound ;-) But how about "Juggler"? It just popped in mind few minutes ago! I had so much fun this morning with you girls :-* muwaah

  2. Ansam muwaah :** to you too. I had a lot of fun! We have to do it more often :)
    you are a so profound... I see it in everything in you... Thoughts, images and even in you juggling ;)

    Ba6alah it was soo good! You should try it ;)

  3. must go! never went there la2na the one in fin6as is far

  4. Must go Yeah!!! it is next to the new Champions ;) The Monto Cristo and the Bitesize French Toast is to die for!!!

  5. the food looks super delicious!! i heart good breakfast ..this weekend im super gona be there!! :)

  6. B&D It was a very Yummy breakfast and tasted sooo goood! But go there as early as you could ;)

  7. hmm..i shall go there by 6 or 6:30 we love early morning breakfast ... :)

  8. i like it very much. i like everything ,the food , the service the staff, and i most like the owener she is very polite and have experince and knw how the dealwith customers,i like like the blonde witress as well and i never knew the witress name or the owener ,it doestnt matter ,at least i get a nice smile everyday i stop by ,smilling is pricless, thx to all early bird staff