Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Breakfast

This morning I woke up feeling hungry. HUNGRY! The last thing I ate was lunch around 3pm. I had a fruit yogurt around six and that was it. This morning I want to indulge myself. I wanted something sweet and filling. Mushroom omlette? Not in the mood. Crepes? No…I'm too hungry to wait for the mix to settle. French Toast? Sounds like a good idea! Eggs, skimmed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, lite butter…hmmm sounds all good. Bread? Out of toast, but I have some brown burger buns. That would be nice to try this time. I slice the bun soak it in the mix melt the butter. The aroma fills the kitchen. Now where is the maple syrup? Ouch! Out of maple syrup! Not a problem, acacia honey will do the job even better! Now, for drink, Hot Chocolate sounds very very good! Where is my Cadbury's Highlight Chocolate? 40cal a cup!!! YUM-O!
Sliced brown burger bun.
French Toast with Acacia honey. Very Yummy.
A closer look at the yumminess I had for breakfast!
Of course Abdulaziz took one slice, Ahmed took another and
I had only one ;) It was still good and filling.