Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Walk To Remember for Autism

The walk aims to spread the awarness of Autism.
Registration is at Marina Mall, near Virgins store, from 5.30pm - 9.30pm
until the 28th Feb.
Hurry and participate!
Fahad cracked up laughing at me this morning when I told him I wanted to participate
in a walkathon. I don't blame him. Every year I tell him I'm going to participate in some kind of race and I never do. I went anyway and signed up my name!
First it is for a good cause, spreading Autism awareness.
Second, it's a good incentive to stick to my exercising.
Third, it will be a 2010 achievement I'd be proud of.
As I said, 2010 will be a different year for me ;)
So make it different for you too, make a difference and participate :)


  1. Yes please gooo! It is for a good cause :)

  2. that sounds great id love to go:)

  3. Her! Thanks for stopping by :)
    Sign up it is at Marina mall near virgins. His can join too :)