Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear February

Dear February, I hope you'll be nicer to me than Janruary. For in Jan, I was very sick which has put me bed for almost a week, I fell and sprained my ankle (it still hurts) and couldn't exercise as I should. I know it's cold now and I just want to cuddle in a warm blanket and forget about my chores, but Feb. if you're good to me I will promise I'll achieve these feats.

  • Finish cleaning the clutter in my dressing room.
  • Complete the new project for Gelato
  • Work hard for the walkathon
  • Embrace hunger and lose 5kg or plus ;)
  • Work on 5 new recipes for this month
  • Check out new materials to revamp my living room
  • Get out more
  • Read all the books on my TBR for this month
  • Spend less time on the net
  • Stay sane ;p


Um 3azoz


  1. I hope it will be nice to me 2 :[

  2. It will inshallah...take a deep breath, smile and be positive :)