Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Images from Tunis

I was going through my photo albums and opened the one about Tunis and realized there were some pics I didn't post before and some were already posted but nevertheless they are beautiful. I love Tunis... it is a whole different world. Enjoy the pics ;)
The old gate still standing in the old souk.
The guy with the bald head is my brother ;p
Wonder what he says if he sees this pic ;p
A small sweet shop in the middle of the old Souk
A ceramic store in the middle of the old souk
Gorgeous bangles
The Corniche Plaza restaurant... the lights were magical
Sidi Bou S3ied. Azoz with my brother in law.
Traditional Door.
Spice shop... we were looking for Harrisa, it is the Tunisian
version of ma3bouch.

What I loved the most about this trip was the food.

Most fruits and veggies we had were seasonal and the kids

tried everything fresh!


  1. Ah! La belle Tunisie :*


  2. ta3jebeeeni;p tshaj3een 3al bal3aaa!!;Pp