Thursday, February 11, 2010

Signor Sassi

It's been a hectic week! Very stressful; between work, home, Ahmedan getting sick and Abdulaziz having his exams. Of course having two hard subjects in one day he didn't do well. In a moment of pure rage and insanity I yelled, "Your teacher is crazy!" So what did Abdulaziz say to his teacher. "Madame, Maman dit que tu es folle!" "Madame, my mother say you're crazy!" Honestly I was appalled at first, but now I'm glad he gave her my message!

Maybe the only good thing about my week was sticking to my diet and my exercise sessions, which I will post about later.

Today was suppose to be my day off from my diet. I was craving a burger. I had in mind several places such as Johnny, Sliders or B&F Burger Boutique. However it was Fahad's turn to chose a place, he suggested Wegamama, and we were suppose to go to it but I was running late, and we didn't want to run into the crowd at 360. Then he suggested Signor Sassi. Since we haven't tried it before we went. We were greeted by a hostess who barely smiled. Wow! That's a good first impression! We asked for a none smoking area. The place was almost empty, only a couple of tables were occupied. We were greeted by a friendly waiter too eager to take our order as soon as we took our seats and barely had a look at the menu. I said to him as politely as I could, "Would you please give me few minutes to go over the menu?" Poor guy looked so self-conscious he stepped away and another waiter came, and did the same thing. Now, I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable. I like to go through the menu first one dish at a time, then ask questions about a dish I haven't tried before. But I felt I was rushed. Anyway, I placed an order for Mojito as my drink & Pepsi for Fahad and a small bottle of water. As starters I ordered Melezane ala Parmigian, Avocado AlForno, Lemon Sole Carlo as my main dish (it was served with mushroom sauce and I asked for a lemon sauce instead) with honey mustard carrots on the side, and Fahad ordered a Scaloppina Milanese with sautéed potatoes on the side. Fahad wanted garlic bread with tomato sauce, he was hoping for something similar to Johnny Carino's garlic bread. The Mojito was good, just a bit too sweet for my taste. The Melezane A la Parmigian was also good. The Avocado AlForno was "Zafer" (what is the word for it in English) its crab meat with avocados and a creamy sauce which was too liquid and not thick enough. I only had one bite of it and couldn't have another. While waiting for the main dish, the hostess comes with our bill!!!??? But when she realized we haven't finished our meal yet, she took it without even I'm sorry. I wonder what kind of training did they get in customer service? Now comes our main dish. My Sole didn't look at all appetizing but I was ready to give it the benefit of the doubt. I added the lemon sauce, and took my first bite. Hmmmm… nothing. I took another bite, there was no flavor at all!!! La zefar walla lemon! The floor manager was roaming around so I called him. He came, and I asked, "Is this Béarnaise or Lemon sauce?" "It is Béarnaise with Lemon." He replied. "I'm sorry to say that I don't taste the Béarnaise or the lemon." I smiled and explained that I asked for Lemon sauce. He took the sauce back to the Kitchen and I could see the chef coming forward tasting the sauce that was brought to me. From the Chef's expression he too wasn't happy with it so he told his sauce chef to alter it. I heard him say "More lemon please." While waiting I tried Fahad's veal escalope it was very good. The sauce was brought back. I tried it and nothing really changed with the flavor, it was still very bland. So I took the decorative lemon on my plate and squeezed it on top and did my best to finish my meal. Would it be so harsh of me to say that my dish was pure torture compared to the delicious Sole with Lemon sauce I usually order from Lorenzo and Totally Fish? I think I'm not that mean by saying so, because what annoyed me more was the floor manager, who kept roaming around our table and didn't bother to ask if the sauce was to my satisfaction. But I guess the expression on my face wasn't too encouraging. Fahad's veal was good, but it was a struggle to cut through it with a regular knife. He was making a joke to me about it and the next time he will bring with him a laser knife. Then a waiter comes by and puts a steak knife. After what? After he was done with his veal??? The dessert menu was brought after our plates were cleared. There was nothing too encouraging or appetizing. I asked Fahad to take me to the store for a Gelato treat and that will be on a different post. All in all…. Apart from the Melenaze ala Parmigian, the Veal, the potatoes and carrots, the rest of the meal wasn't that good. Would I go again? Not really.

My Mojito
Garlic Bread not what we expected :s
Avecado Alferno
Melenaze Ala Parmigian :)
Lemon Sole Carlo :(
Scaloppino Melanese :)
Side of Potatoes and Carrots :) The steak knife was brought after Fahad was almost
done with his Veal :s
I know it is a long post so I hope you enjoyed it ;)

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  1. Je t'ai dit ce n'etait pas ci bon.