Friday, February 19, 2010

Sloppy Joes

For lunch I wanted to make Sloppy Joes. I've been wanting to make it forever but every time something comes up and I change my mind. I also have picky eaters who don't encourage me cooking new stuff. However it wasn't the first time I make Sloppy Joes. I make it for casual gatherings with my friends, and it is always a winner. Yesterday I was watching one of the food shows, and Hunky Chef Tyler Florence was making his Ultimate Sloppy Joes. It was different from the one I make he uses turkey instead of beef and the sauce mixture is different. So I decided to try his recipe minus the turkey. I stopped at Sultan bought the missing ingredients and was home starting on the chopping and prepping. Fahad, of course, didn't want Sloppy Joe, so I made him a beef patty on the side. In the end he finished my Sloppy Joe.

Chef Tyler Florence. I think most women will

agree with me there is something Yummy about a man

who cooks.

My Sloppy Joe. Grilled Bun topped with Sloppy Joes Beef
Sweet Relish and Coleslaw.
Home made Potato & Butternut sqaush Chips.
Fahad's Burger. He wanted it simple with just Ketchup and mustard.
Home made potato & butternut squash chips. Fahad's Burger at a different angle. They were all sooo good! The kids had Sloppy Joes like me. They Loved it! I'll post the recipe this week inshallah.


  1. was a home made YUM! ;)

  2. Thanks :D
    Inshallah I'll post the recipe when I find my recipe notebook which has suddenly disappeared ;p

  3. i totally agree with should cook..its really really one quality i love in a men :)and bobbly flay is amazing :) and wow sloppy joe and chips...yummmmm!!1 looks delicious!! :)

  4. My father is a great cook! he makes the best barbecue chicken in the world...
    I don't mind sitting all day watching Bobby Flay... Tyler and other chefs doing their magic in the Kitchen...better than watching George Clooney or Brad Pitt ;)

  5. true!!! my dad also cooks really good food..yup i sit and watch fatafeat ..i like gordon ramsey and mario batali course no doubt of bobby and tyler...and there is this program called chew and take home chef on travel and living discovery..its like one awesome channel for foodies and travelers...a must watch :)

  6. I'm glued to Food network and BBC lifestyle... I love Gordon's Hell's Kitchen!!! God I want to participate in a show like this ;) Maybe Hell's Kitchen International? ;) I will check out the shows you mentioned ;) Thanks.