Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gelato Bonbons

Gelato Bonbons
Gelato bite size bonbons covered in dark chocolate.
Chocolate - Vanilla - Hazelnut - Coffee - Strawberry -
Raspberry - Mango
Or any other flavor from our selection of Gelato.
This product is by order for the time being.
Please call two days ahead to guarantee to receive your order on time.
Minimum order 30 pieces and they are not much, you'll go through them
before you blink.
Call our store 22434434.


  1. Gelato bonbons...wow!! i love the flavors u got there...aahhh!!im gona get them for sure :D B loves bonbon!!

  2. They are a big yummy... I always take them with me as gifts or for family gatherings ;)