Sunday, February 14, 2010

K- Open Day

Abdulaziz and I went for a quick stop at K-Open Day in Movenpic Free Trade Zone. We took a turn admired the small businesses wares and goods. "GOOD JOB!" Shout out to all.
Abdulaziz at ZeeQ's Ipod Podium sending his love!
Abdulaziz with 3amo "Ziqo" Ziad Hamada from ZeeQ's Ipod! He is my brother's best friend and the best Ipod up loader in K-Town ;) I'm such a dinosaur when it comes to technology so min '3air 3awar ras I send myIpod to ZeeQ's and they take care of everything ;) Call : Zeyad Hamadah - 99244335 or Omar Al Qadiri - 55229449 Then I was told by one of my cousins who I saw there, there was this cool table which sells a fish called Fighter Fish. Of course Abdulaziz wanted to see the Ninja Fish ;p We went and we instantly fell in love with this little blue fish. The Gentleman who sells those fish told us they were tiny agressive fish who will fight with any creture who shares its tank!!! There were so many colorful fish but without hesitation we got this little blue fish.
We introduce to you our new Pet Blue Dragon!
That's what they boyos named him/her :)


  1. loved aziz in the first photo- lemonaid

  2. Its not a ninja fish lol! its a Siamese fighter, you cant have two males together in the same tank :)

  3. Hello mathai Thanks for stopping by ;)
    I know... it is what my son calls it Ninja fish! and they named him Blue Dragon... by the way how do I know the difference between a male and a female?
    I'll get him a female..maybe he'll feel less lonely the poor guy.