Monday, February 22, 2010

Bad Day

I had a very long day, I slept the evening before around 3.36am because I was glued in front of the TV watching a cooking challenge marathon on one of the food channels and I knew when I realized the time the next day wont be so good. My day started at 7am with Ahmed playing with his PSP on the bed next to me. "Yalla mama goom! Soof! I Kill! Busted!!!"
Please no! One more hour of sleep! But eventually I gave up and got up. I still did not have my latte and some clients started calling around 8am asking me about certain products and prices. I couldn't add or multiply simple numbers! It's going to be a very looong bad day!
Mid day a friend called and we were chatting girls stuff and I said to her "Chaussurat". Now you might wonder what that means. "Chaussures" which in French means shoes, and the "at" at the end of the word is in what we add in Kuwaiti if we are sometimes talking in plural. For example, the only word I can think of at this hour is '7amat. Back to the main topic. If I'm mixing my Arabic with my French then the computer in my head is overloaded! It doesn't end here however. Abdulaziz calls me, complaining about his brother. I scold using three languages simultaneously in one sentence. Dalool go back home! Get in Bed! Gabel la etfashleen nafsich jedam clients! But I had few new flavors sampling to try before they go out to potential clients and before I could leave. They were good.
After a late afternoon meeting, I went to pick up an outfit I bought, from altercation and the store manager tells me there was a mistake with the pricing and I have to pay KD200 extra!!! What? Sorry! I was told the price is so and so… and I'm not buying a premier designer dress for you to charge me this amount of money!
"Ra7 tet6aba2 3ala rassi!" she was telling me.
Not my problem.
I don't know what's wrong with these people. She was really giving me a hard time about it. First I'm not a regular customer at this major store which most of you will surely know, because I don't like dealing with them. Second when I went there in the first place I wanted to browse and when I found a piece I liked I bought it without a second thought. I came straight from the factory. I wasn't kash'7a 3ala "singat 3ashar" or as one of my friends would say "Labsa el Kabat kella". These people are very well known for judging and treating people based on appearances. Since I wasn't that known to them, and didn't look my best at the moment I was there. I was treated like crap!
Fahad called at that moment asking me when I'll be home, and I told him what was happening. He was yelling on the phone! His voice could be heard by people at the other end of the store! Al 7amdillah mo ga9erna shay. It is a matter of principal! I got a dress and they told me it costs so and so. I paid without hesitation and now they tell me there was a computer glitch which has messed up with the pricing. Again. Not my problem.
Anyway, I have to mention that I don't wear a wedding band. In fact I don't wear jewelery at all. I only do on formal occasions or if I was "Kash'7a 3ala singat 3ashara!" which I rarely do. So the store manager asks me if I was speaking to my husband. "Enti 2lti hewa zowjek…" she said with a big question mark, and the insult was very obvious.
I snapped! Snap! Snap! Snap!
No sleep. Long Day. No food, and this ugly nasty woman was insulting me!
The sleeping berserker in me came out! I will not elaborate on the stuff I said, too ugly and not in my character unless I was pushed, no, shoved into it. I took my dress without paying an extra Fils to it, with a promise that ra7 aftha7hom 3end allah oo '7alga and the management will hear about it!
I reached home very much drained. I had a three way call with my friends and told them what happened, apparently I'm not the only one who had a bad insulting experience with this particular store. Most of my friends faught with them at some point or other.
I went to bed on a hungry empty stomach. Yay!


  1. aawwaahh!! thats one bad day u had!! i hope u have a great day today :) and you went to bed empty stomach..thats a big no no!! :( u should eat more..maybe some kickass comfort food to cheer u up !!and u should totally give it to the stores ..thats just ridiculous..

  2. B&D Thank you dear :)
    My comfort food is soup! nice thick and hearty soups of any kind ;)
    I took the day off today ;p slept through the morning ;p

  3. :) i go nuts when i need comfort food its mostly all type of ice creams,desserts..etc :) hehe..but i should give soups a try :)
    AAhh!! a day off and sleep is the best thing ever!! that is after food off course :D

  4. I'm trying to be an angel with food. Or I'd go for the same things. Chocolates..desserts, ice creams... ;)
    Soups fills me up and satisfy the craziness with food which hits me from time to time ;ppp

  5. lol I hope this is gonna be your last bad day in 2010 :] , and about the dress chan radaiteh o khalas :\

  6. Now that I think about it... It wasn't as bad as it was very long and stressful. ba6alah...I'm a rare breed of the female sepcies... I'm not into shopping that much unless I'm in need of clothes... and I don't have the patience to go through store after store. If I find something I like... I take it oo '7alas bala 3awar ras ;)