Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gorgeous Candles

My good friend Ghada sent me these gorgeous Agraria candles from AlKhateeb Furnishing Co. They smell exquisite and look so elegant. They have a whole range of candles and home accessories which are new for this season. I'm definitely passing by since I'm planning to revamp my living room.


  1. niiice
    i love candles and spa products..
    where is it located ?


  2. Reemas...They are beautiful and very elegant. I'm not sure they have spa products though :)
    AlKhateeb Furnishing Co. is situated next mujamach al Awqaf fee aldeera you know where it is?

    Lemon-aid... more than cute ;) very exquisite if you want to give them as a gift or decorate your house.