Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old Logo

The other evening I was at the Gelato Italiano factory working on the Pumpkin Gelato and carving Pumpkins with John, our Chef when I noticed an old freezer brought out from the store room with the old Gelato Italiano Logo, and Gelato is misspelled! Hehehe the good ol'days ;p

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumkin Gelato!

Finally after two weeks of testing, we got our Pumpkin Gelato. Yes my friends, we have a base recipe for all our gelato however in the end it depends on what we add with it. Does it need more sugar, or a little more spice? Maybe some more milk or more of the Pumpkin… and it goes on and on until we get it right, well... until late last night we got it right, and the same goes with most flavors when we make them for the first time. Pumpkin Gelato is not for all preferences. But Hey! We have over 80 flavors to satisfy all taste buds. So pass by this evening or this weekend and give Pumpkin Gelato a try. Gelato Italiano - Ahmed Al Jaber st. - Gaz Tower Tel. 22434434

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where can I get this?

I am soooo in love with this Bicycle from Schwinn!!!
The question is "Can we get it here in Kuwait & Where?"
I hope it is available here in K-Town! I don't think I can wait for an order!
Every year I tell myself that I will buy me a bike and get active with the kids when the weather gets cooler. And every year passes without doing it! This year is going to be different! I want to break the humdrum of my life. I used to be very active before I had Hamada, and full of energy... now...well I turned into a sad case!! It is crucial we get active in this time of illnesses and diseases!
Out door activity is the best way! There is nothing better than Sun and Fresh Air.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Risotto!

I'm tired, stressed, sleep deprived and very very hungry! I've been rushing to appointments with Chefs from other restaurants, and to doctor appointments for the boys. Then I'm worrying about Azoz missing a lot in class because of his absence, and worrying about new flavors I ordered because the delivery is late, and I'm worrying about the chicken nuggets! I asked the maid to make some now as I'm typing this post, I'm worrying about whether she will burn them again or not! (Yep! She did burn them!) The lunch the cook prepared doesn’t sound that appealing anymore. I want restaurant food, but I don't want to wait for it by ordering in. I want to eat out, but then it is out of the question because the cook made Mutabag Balool, so Fahad won't be joining me and most of my friends who are working don't get out of work until 2.30 – 3.00 pm.
Risotto covered in butter and cooked for few minutes until
grain color change.
Simmering in wine. I use Fre.
Saffron, unfortunately not the best qaulity I own.
I have missplaced the good ones
Chicken broth
Risotto simmering in broth
Finally add the remaining butter, Parmesan cheese
and saffron water
My only course of action was to make something. I check my pantry and the fridge, and they are both partially empty. I really have to make time for grocery shopping tomorrow. Bien, bon, bref! The ingrediants for a Milanese Risotto are available and it is my comfort food which I really need to distress. 2 good pinches of saffron threads soaked in 3-4 Tbs of boiling water. 1 large onion, chopped finely 2 garlic cloves crushed 100g of butter 1 2/3 cup of Arborio rice 2/3 cup of white wine 5 cups of boiling stock (I used 2 low salt Maggie chicken stock cubes mixed them with the boiling water) 3/4 cup of parmesan cheese ** Quick tips: Sometimes I add sliced button mushrooms, or chicken cut in small chunks and cooked before the frying the onions, then added with the chicken broth. - Fry onions and garlic with 50g of butter until soft but not colored, then add the rice and continue to cook for few minutes until all grains are coated in oil and begin to color lightly. - Add wine to the rice and simmer gently, stirring from time to time until it is all absorbed. - Add the boiling stock a little at a time about 2/3 cup, cooking until the liquid is absorbed before adding more, and stirring frequently. - When all the stock is absorbed the rice should be tender but not soft and soggy. Add the saffron liquid, Parmesan, remaining butter.
Finally! I had my risotto with breaded veal and steamed
vegetables which the cook made knowing I don't like
home made fish.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Visit to Johnny Rockets!

My burger cut in half against my precise request
The Best Onion Rings! Johnny Rockets...what can I say about them? It is my favorite burger place in K-town and I go there at least every other weekend and if I don't go we order in... Anyway, on that particular weekend we decided to take the kids since they love sitting over at the counter and eat their burgers or chicken tenders. However the waiter who assisted us wasn't the best they've got. He was in a hurry, as if he had a record to break in serving customers, or he'll get a bonus if he took orders from every single table. (It reminded me of my banking days at NBK when I started as a Teller, with every cash deposit or withdrawal we get fifty fils out of every transaction... of course there those who wanted all the cash transactions so they can get more money!) The mistakes he did was: He didn't listen to me. He was writing the order on his pad and looking over his shoulder, and it wasn't crowded at that time, so what was he worrying about? I asked for my burger not to be cut, and they brought it cut in half. I asked for chocolate shakes for the kids, but to be served after the meal. They brought the shakes before their meals! and I asked for a shake for myself and it was never brought!!! I was very displeased with the shakes being served for the kids and when I told him so he rolled his eyes impatiently at me and sent another waitress to serve us. After what??? The kids ended drinking the shakes without eating their burgers and I had my burger without my shake!!! Since I love Johnny Rockets so much I will go to it again and again! If that waiter comes to me I will send him away asking for another person to take my order.

A Fact you didn't Know...

Maybe some of you know but most of you do not know that at Gelato Italiano we have Bo'9a (Arabic ice cream) line since 2003 and it is sold only in our Hawalli shop. It is very delicious and very popular among our Hawalli clients. We also make Arabic ice cream rolls with 3-4 flavors in the roll. Remember to call check if there is any available because they finish very quickly, and you can always custom make your own roll ;)
Gelato Italiano Hawalli Shop
Bierut St. Next to Al Buhsali

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where is Super Nanny???

As most of you know I'm nannyless. I was nannyless since the beginning of summer. My nanny who promised to come back disappeared into the mist of the Himalayan mountains or wherever she came from because in the two years she spent working for me I never got a straight answer from her about her family and where she lived. Anyway when her return was overdue we called and she said she wasn't coming back. So far I had several potential candidates in my home and none of them were up to par. Now I have one who is good with the boys, a little bit aggressive (she is teaching them how to wrestle), likes to play with them, but still clueless about safety and hygiene. Ahmed who is at the age of curiosity and ready to throw himself into anything just for the sake of discovery is the one who is stressing me out with the new nanny. I keep on explaining to her not to do certain things which are dangerous to a child. I spent the whole last week showing her how to take care of him giving her a schedule of his meal times and what to eat. Still I come back home finding my baby didn't have his snack. The other day I gave her a small pot of yogurt and asked to feed him. I'm not sure if she misheard me or misunderstood me, when I turned I found her eating the yogurt! I was speechless. I took another pot and took my son and fed him myself. This morning I was on my way out to work and my office is only a building away from where I live, what do I find? The nanny and Ahmed with their bodies half hanging out from the window. It is a window I never open in front of the kids, because it was built low and easy to open. In all of Abdulaziz's 81/2 years he was never aware of this window, and here was Ahmed very much aware and hanging from it. I felt my heart dropping to my knees and a scream tore from my sore throat and the ground under my feet shifted, I was already feeling weak from the flu, but this scene of my baby, who I had after five agonizing years of trying for a baby and almost lost my life in the process, was hanging from the window, I fainted and I do not faint by the way! I screamed, I yelled and I threw a box of Kleenex at someone. It could be poor Ahmed for all I know, because the only thing I saw was red. I told her never to open the window when Ahmed was around. Never to show him this part of the living room or what's behind the heavy drapes. I even have drapes on the balcony door and I guess the only time it was opened it's when the balcony gets cleaned. I decided going to the office wasn't worth it. I can work here from my home. That is the best part of being your own boss, and the incident has left me out of sorts. Now the question is: is there a place where they can bring certified nannies? Someone who is knowledgeable about childcare, hygiene and safety? If we don't, then why don't we have it here in this country where nannies are important?! Or someone could open a training center for nannies. I'll be the first to apply my nanny.