Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumkin Gelato!

Finally after two weeks of testing, we got our Pumpkin Gelato. Yes my friends, we have a base recipe for all our gelato however in the end it depends on what we add with it. Does it need more sugar, or a little more spice? Maybe some more milk or more of the Pumpkin… and it goes on and on until we get it right, well... until late last night we got it right, and the same goes with most flavors when we make them for the first time. Pumpkin Gelato is not for all preferences. But Hey! We have over 80 flavors to satisfy all taste buds. So pass by this evening or this weekend and give Pumpkin Gelato a try. Gelato Italiano - Ahmed Al Jaber st. - Gaz Tower Tel. 22434434


  1. Affffffaaaa 3alaich! '3ally oo el6alab er'7ee9!!!
    Tell me when and where:)