Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Visit to Johnny Rockets!

My burger cut in half against my precise request
The Best Onion Rings! Johnny Rockets...what can I say about them? It is my favorite burger place in K-town and I go there at least every other weekend and if I don't go we order in... Anyway, on that particular weekend we decided to take the kids since they love sitting over at the counter and eat their burgers or chicken tenders. However the waiter who assisted us wasn't the best they've got. He was in a hurry, as if he had a record to break in serving customers, or he'll get a bonus if he took orders from every single table. (It reminded me of my banking days at NBK when I started as a Teller, with every cash deposit or withdrawal we get fifty fils out of every transaction... of course there those who wanted all the cash transactions so they can get more money!) The mistakes he did was: He didn't listen to me. He was writing the order on his pad and looking over his shoulder, and it wasn't crowded at that time, so what was he worrying about? I asked for my burger not to be cut, and they brought it cut in half. I asked for chocolate shakes for the kids, but to be served after the meal. They brought the shakes before their meals! and I asked for a shake for myself and it was never brought!!! I was very displeased with the shakes being served for the kids and when I told him so he rolled his eyes impatiently at me and sent another waitress to serve us. After what??? The kids ended drinking the shakes without eating their burgers and I had my burger without my shake!!! Since I love Johnny Rockets so much I will go to it again and again! If that waiter comes to me I will send him away asking for another person to take my order.


  1. i too love johnny rockets !!always enjoy my time over there!!

    i have put up your post as a reference...hope its ok :)

  2. I love Johnny too..
    and its ok to post it as a referance Thanks ;)