Sunday, February 28, 2010

Diet Update

Ok…since I don't have a scale I don't how much I lost in Kg, however in the 81/2 inches I needed to lose which I mentioned in a past post, I lost 1 1/2 inch. Two weeks I was following a low carb diet and I only lost one kilo. Now I'm following the Gandhi diet, literary not eating much at all and appeasing my hunger by drinking lattes, lots of water and soups. The mood swings are, of course, on High. You might wonder why this extreme? I have major events this month it is going to be super busy and I want to look my best! Here is what I was eating two weeks ago: Breakfast: Latte w/half cup of cornflakes – weight control oatmeal (I normally have oatmeal if I'm spending a long day out of the house it keeps me full until late afternoon) – omelet with mushrooms and light cheese (It also keeps me full for a whole day) – Saj bread with low fat labnah or white cheese tomatoes and cucumbers and olives. Midday snack: Lowfat fruit yogurt – 2 piece of fruits Lunch: I start with a small bowl of salad : Chicken spinach soup (it has chunks of chicken and very filling) – Fish fillet w/ veggies – shish Taouk w/ homus - kebab w/ homus – I try to vary between fish and chicken most of the time. Afternoon Snack: lowfat yogurt – snack size chocolate or diet care mini desserts Dinner : Salads: Green Salad – Greek Salad – Chicken Cesar Salad . Late night snack and not every night: Cadbury's Highlight Chocolate. I exercise about 1h 1/2 every day depending on my schedule. The least I do is a 30min brisk walk if I am in a rush. Now I've cut my intake of food in half. My exercise routine is still the same. As the French would say "il faut souffrir pour être belle" *Sigh*

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