Friday, February 5, 2010

Melenzane: We Cook Italian

It is a Revolution! An Explosion!

The world went up side down and a blast of flavors that would tickle your sense and give you the ride of your life! Melenzane! The eggplant-atomic which has hit K-Town and the new It place to dine at. I was lucky to be invited and try their unbelievable delicious menu. Brought to you by the two talented and brilliant Mohammed Jasim AlDhubaib & Mohammed Najeeb AlDhubaib.

Bruscetta Ragu: The most delicious dish I
have ever tasted this year!

Arancinu: Rissotto rice balls filled with buffalo Mozzarella &

sundried tomato

Pizza Margarita! I love the tomato sauce. and the thin crust incredible


Why the name Melenzane? Melenzane means eggplant in Italian and the eggplant plays an important part in the Sicilian kitchen. It is an inspiration to most of our dishes presented on menu. How long did it take you to prepare for this project? It took almost 2 years and 9month, of training with Nino Trapani, a renowned Sicilian chef, to execute our idea and actually start to work on finding a location, to a concept and design and the opening of the restaurant. A special Thank You to the Genius Interior Designer Ahmed AlBaghli who put a mini bomb in the middle of the restaurant and came up with an astounding design. A special Thank You to our Front Line, the Staff, of Melenzane. Last but not least a Thank You to the People who supported the Melenzane Team.

Ravioli Funghi: I was about to cry!

All platters looked so good I wanted to

try all of them!

Filetto Pesce : It will be the dish I'll order the next time inshallah. Chicken Parmesano

Melenzane Baked Pasta: My order, mouth watering and full of flavor! I just couldn't stop. We also had these mouthwatering appetizers but my pictures weren't clear enough to post them. A spacial Thank you for Mohammad and Mohammad ;) for lending me some of their pictures to make this post possible Dolci Funghi : grilled stuffed mushrooms Melenzane Casserole: Layers of aubergine with Mozzarella over tomato and served with bread. Now my take on Melenzane: When I first stepped in, I felt as if I walked into the up side down world of Alice in Wonderland. Truly everything was upside down! Or sticking from the wall sideways up! I looked around me looking for the Mad Hatter. Instead I was greeted by the kind owners of the restaurant, really fantastic kind Gentlemen. After taking a seat on one of the metallic chair, very comfy chairs by the way, and greeting my dinner party, a friendly waiter brought me the menu and patiently waited for me to make up my mind. But I didn't know what to take!!! Every thing look scrumptious! Reading the description of each dish makes me feel the taste in my mouth. What would the Chef recommend? I asked Mohammed J. to recommend me a dish and he suggested the baked pasta. While waiting for my order the appetizers were laid on the table. They were all mouth-watering! I can't make up which was my favorite because they were all good!! We were about 20 ladies, each had a different order. I look around me! What if I ordered the Ravioli or that creamy pasta? this incredible chicken Parmesan! The fish fillet!!! Incredible!! I took the first bite, then the second and the third and then I lost count! My senses sizzled! The angel in my head told me to stop, my diet went south! And the little devil said "You love it don't you? So go ahead and in enjoy it!!! I don't care! I will eat it all and finish it! The upside down world of Melenzane. Truly an amazing design and concept. I need a second visit to get snaps of the whole design.

Emkarmeen, the bathroom is actually built
in a container! Genius! First I want to say Thank you for the invitation, and Bravo oo 3asa allah yeafegkom! I have great admiration and respect for young talents and particularly in the food business because it isn't as easy as it looks. I highly recommend you try this new place it is delicious, different and singular.
Location: Al beda'a Al Ta'awon st. – Shiik resort. Remal Tel. 97299288


  1. Dalal...Ce restau semble alléchant, nous allons passer cette semaine.


  2. Tous les plats sont délicieux, tu ne le regretteras pas. Tu iras avec Yousef?

  3. ba6alah... it was more than nice ;) I loved the food there. (am currently craving the Melenazne casserole)


    Thats my review ;-) And thanks Dalal for the recommendation xoxo

  5. Anytime Cheri I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did xoxo

  6. droool! the chicken parmigiana and baked pasta both loook sooo heavenly! have to try it always the last to try..dont want a crowded place right now so might try it for lunch