Sunday, February 28, 2010

They are soo Proud!

They are soo proud they collected these stuff!
Why allow it in the first place?
And you call yoursleves the "Authority!"
Shame on you!
Why allow it in the first place? Why allow the chaos? The craziness? The injuries and deaths? Why not celebrate our national & liberation day as a National & Liberation Day supposed to be celebrated? Fahad and I were at Sultan Center Sharg, we left Soug Sharg from the bridge side, kids as old as 6 years old standing on the side walk of the bridge with their bored nannies (who careless if a car hit the kids) foaming passing cars. One kid jumps from the pavement and on the road. Fahad had to break suddenly so he wouldn't hit the kid. Where are the parents? Are your kids so worthless to you? My sister begs me to take Abdulaziz to Julai3a with her. I said "No". I don't like my kids to be exposed to this kind of craziness. We don't approve of it so why be hypocritical and let them join in this idiocy. Besides they are already crazy without the extra encouragement. My sister doesn't understand. She thinks me em3aqeda. Now I tell her, God gave me these two boys eb6al3at alroo7. I don't have to go over the drama of every delivery and the time spent in ICU and teetering on deaths door. They are my kids. It is mine and their father's job as their parents to protect them. When something feels wrong to their welbeing then it is wrong.
What if you're sitting with your friends enjoying the fun while a crazy guy comes with his speeding car and hits my son? What would you do? How many times did this happened to other people?
If God forbids something happens to my baby while he is with me, I am his mother. I know what to do. I protect him as much as I can and I wouldn't lay the blame on anyone. How many times he fell from his horse, I rush him to the hospital, and still I put him back on his horse the next day. He is my responsibility. Back to the main topic. I urge everyone to oppose this chaotic madness. Call upon the authority to forbid it from now and on. We want to celebrate our National & Liberation Day like the civilized people that we are. Close the Gulf Road and turn it into one huge parade and carnival event. Let people enjoy themselves without the harassment.


  1. hatha 3ed wa6ni wella hosha !!!! :S
    shda3wa hal 3ajrat oo saif !! wallah qemat alma95ra hathi

    ma agool ela allah y7fthna

  2. this is so out of hand ! its such a piss OFF! =O

  3. lol e wallah they are proud of collecting this things :p

  4. Yes they are, aren't they cute? ma abi a6eb feehom bas how would they look good in front of the camera, right?