Sunday, March 28, 2010

Makeup Studio

Since I'm attending my first wedding party in three years!!! 7adi em'3abra! I decided to give the Ladies, Zainab Al Mehanna & Bibi Marafie, from Makeup Studio a try. They were our neighbors at P2BK, very sweet and welcoming. I took my appointment, I think, on the last day of the event. They sent me a reminder a day before the appointed day, which was very kind of them to confirm with me. After doing my hair, which I wasn't too happy about, I headed to their studio which is situated in their home basement, a very spacious room still being set, in metalic pink and silver wallpaper. The makeup chairs were up, a table filled with makeup boxes was set in the middle. I really wanted to go through them, bas mabi a36eehom en6ba3 enni mashfoo7 ;p Zainab was the one my appointment with. She was applying for a customer when I arrived, I was early. We reminisced about the expo and how positive the event was for our businesses. After putting me at my ease she asked me what kind of style I had in mind and what was the colors of my dress, before she set to work her magic on my face ;p I went for smoky eyes, since the eyes is the focal point on the face. It's been a while since I put that much make up! So I was a bit taken aback when I took my first look. But after going back home, dressing up and wearing my bling blings I looked GOOD! Well except for the hair which, as the evening wore off, turned into a spaghetti mess :s So the ladies at Makeup studio are a must try! If you are interested, ladies, send me a private massage and I'll email you their contacts.

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