Sunday, March 21, 2010

See What I Got For Mother's Day

This is my life... This is my joy! Abdulaziz made me a beautiful painted jar at school for Mother's Day, with a beautiful card written inside it a beautiful poem. It is worth a thousand expensive gifts!
These are the first lines:
Bien sur, maman, je veux t'ofrir oh, tout ce qui peut te fair plaisir
Naturellement, pas des tresor, non, mais de gros efforts.


  1. Wow! Allah eykhaleh lech inshallah!

  2. ba6alah nefra7 feek inshallah oo nefra7 be3yalek ;) who knows maybe your dreams might come true :)

  3. 7abeebi! c'est tres mignon!

  4. thats just sooo thoughtfull!!i just got roses & a card for my mom...didnt really know wht to get her.. :)