Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spa Time Again!

So I went again to Spa Time with my two friends
Profound Somsom & Genuine Shosho.
I was hoping after a long day and a stressful afternoon
studying with Abdulaziz for his history test, I'd zone out
and relax with one of their beautiful massages.
I decided to try something new,
so I chose the Heat Herbal compress massage.
Just let me tell you it was BRUTAL! I highly unrecommend it!
I asked the masseuse to be a little gentle, either she didn't understand or
her mind was set on being rough!
Instead of relaxing, I was more tense and on edge. I couldn't go to sleep
because I ached everywhere, and this morning I can't move my
shoulders without wincing in pain!
I should have stuck to what I know!


  1. Unlike you guys... I enjoyed my hot stone massage VERY much :-P

  2. Shosho enjoyed hers too. But my masseuse wasn't good. I'm going to try the Royal Hayat spa next time ;)