Sunday, March 21, 2010

P2BK Buzz! Part 4

You have to be there. You have to stand in the middle and take it all in. Feel the buzz and excitement tickling all over you.
Great Performances during the three days of the event.
I'm sorry I can't recall this young Gentleman's name but
he was amazing! Also amazing performance by Hasan Karam.
Unfortunately I don't have a clear picture of him and can't post it
but he was amazing!!!
And there was Stage Group incredible!
14M also very good! Wish you all the best of the best!
Capital District! Love love their work! and
the Booth was amazing!
These Gentlemen are amazing! But they do not
do birthday parties. However I'm going to have
them for my wedding anniversary party etha alla a7yana inshallah!
Sheikh Ahmed Fahad Al Ahmed AlSabah. During the closing ceremony.
BulBul!!!! I was told he was going to the closing ceremony
I wanted him for our Wedding anniversary party which we had
to cancel this year because of the load of work and my wish
came true during that evening! Thank You Dhari!
Nabeel Sh3ail and Bashar AlShatti
They were amazing

The young Dancers were cute!

Again we Thank you all for being there. We Thank Dhari AlWazzan and P2BK Team for their great effort and kinds. It was amazing and fun! and hope to participate next year etha allah a7yana inshallah.


  1. lovely photo's..the boy in the 1st pic..we saw his perfomance..he was really good..very impressive!!

  2. It was really fun! inshallah if we participate next year we'll introduce a big surprise!!! ;)