Saturday, March 20, 2010

P2BK Buzz! Part 2

We've been and participated in a lot of events, but it was nothing like this! It was out of this world! The atmosphere, the people, and all of Gelato Italiano fans, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. One lady told me she is a regular customer since we opened in 2001!!! It is an honor and a pleasure!
Line at Gelato.
These Young Gentlemen are amazing!
Their performance on stage was crazy!
I adore them and they have my utmost respect and
HELLLOOOO! Who is this Gorgeous Gentleman!
Fabulous Bubbles Spa Badriya AlGhanim & Bibi AlQatami
Baraka! Salah Zamani Designs
I love the colors! and scheme.
Khamsa! I have something similar in my home
I just love this one better!
Whimsy hand made accessories. I love their booth!
It should have won best booth design
You have to be there. You have to stand in the middle and take it all in. Feel the buzz and excitement tickling all over you.


  1. those Whimsy people.. do they have a group on facebook or a website or something? i really like there work!


  2. No they don't. I don't even have their contacts. I think they only participate in major exhibitions.